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Communications Services Online Tools

Request Service
Request telephone, cable TV, and related services online.
Faculty/Staff Residents
Order Telephones and Accessories
Order telephone instruments and accessories online.
Manage My Account (BORIS)
Check your telephone and television service account online.
Faculty/Staff Residents
Report a Problem
Report a service problem/request a repair online.
Find UCSB Departments
Look up contact information for UCSB departments and offices online.
Check Local Area Prefixes
Look up the prefixes of 805-area numbers rated as local calls from UCSB.
Check International Rates
Look up international calling rates by country name or number.
Faculty/Staff Residents
Check Billing Rate Codes
Look up codes, descriptions, and standard charges for items on your bill.
Faculty/Staff Residents
Calculate Domestic Calling Rates
Find out the per-minute rate for long-distance calls within the U.S. and Canada.
Update Departmental Liaison (Phones-L) Listing
Update your department's "Phones-L" membership listing.
Update Telephone Service Locations and Billing Names
Identify the physical location of your telephone service lines. Update telephone line room numbers, for 911 reports. Update the name of the subscriber that appears on the monthly billing statement for a given telephone line.
Temporarily Disconnect/Reconnect Telephone Lines
Temporarily disconnect and reconnect standard departmental telephone lines.
Manage Account Summaries
Select printing and routing options for your monthly telephone account usage statements.
MWI Email Notification Service
Manage subscriptions to receive email notices when new messages arrive in UCSB voice mailboxes.




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