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Telephone Service for UCSB Residents

telephone service

Service Description

Communications Services is the exclusive provider of telephone and voice mail services in university-owned residence halls and apartments.

Basic telephone service includes unlimited local calling, long-distance calling, and standard Calling Features.

Getting Telephone Service

Telephone Service Options

You may select from the following options when you use our online system to Order, Change, or Cancel Service.

  • Local Calls Only:  Prevents your telephone line from making calls outside the local area.
  • Caller ID:  Displays the caller's name and number (a caller ID-capable telephone is required).
  • Call Waiting:  A tone alerts you to an incoming call when you are on a call.
  • Voice Mail:  Service activation fee is waived when you order it along with new telephone service.

Apply for the following using Service Request Forms.

  • Second Lines:  Available to residents of selected UCSB-owned apartments only.

Long Distance Calling

Communications Services provides long distance service for all UCSB-owned housing. Although you may be contacted by outside carriers marketing their long distance calling plans, you cannot select another long distance provider.

All domestic long distance calls (i.e., within the U.S. and Canada) are charged at a fixed per-minute rate. Rates for international calls vary by country.

You can prevent your line from being used to place long-distance calls by selecting the "Local Calls Only" option when you Order or Change Service.

Third-Party, Collect, and Operator-Assisted Calls

To prevent fraud, Communications Services does not allow you to place or charge third-party calls to your line. You can, however, make or receive collect calls. If you make collect calls frequently, we suggest that you obtain a Calling Card.

In general, we advise against making operator-assisted calls, unless there is no alternative. These calls are very expensive.

You can prevent your line from being used to place these types of calls by selecting the "Local Calls Only" option when you Order or Change Service.

Using Your Telephone Service

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