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  CommServ > Residents > Rates > Rates for UCSB Residents

Rates for UCSB Residents

Service Description Install/Activate
(one-time charge)
Monthly Service
(recurring charge)
Flat Service
(unlimited local calling)
$20.00 $17.50 + call charges (see Calling Rates below)
Standard Feature Package no charge no charge
Caller ID Feature Package no charge $8.49
Voice Mail $5.001 $5.95
Transfer Account $20.00 N/A
Move Service $20.00 N/A
1Installation fee waived if voice mail ordered together with new telephone service.
Service Description Install/Activate
(one-time charge)
Monthly Service
(recurring charge)
Local Calls N/A Flat Service: Local calls are free
Long Distance Calls N/A Domestic: 10¢/minute
International: see International Rates
Directory Assistance Calls N/A Within Local Calling Area: First 5 calls free;
$.35/call thereafter
Outside Local Calling Area: $.95/call

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