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  CommServ > Residents > Cellular Service for the UCSB Community

Cellular Service for the UCSB Community

Service Availability

Cellular service in the Santa Barbara area is available from AT&T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Cellular Service Coverage by Carrier

Cellular service coverage of the UCSB campus and adjacent areas can vary by carrier.

Cellular Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whose service works best at UCSB?

That depends on where you live, where you spend your time on the phone, and even which building you are in or near at the time you are on a call. All of the above mentioned carriers have at least one cell site on or near the campus. Some carriers have better service in the residence halls and academic buildings than others, while others have only adequate coverage on campus and in the adjacent community.

If I already have a cellular phone, how can I be sure it will work at UCSB?

You can be reasonably sure it will work most places on campus, but how well it will work at specific locations will vary by carrier. The carrier you selected at home may not work as well as other carriers here at UCSB.

If I already have a calling plan, how can I be sure it is the best plan for UCSB calling?

If you have a large home calling area, i.e., California statewide, you will be fine. If you come from out of state, or if your home calling area does not include Santa Barbara, it could be a toll call or even a roaming call for you to call someone else on campus and a toll call for them to call you. Over time, this could be very expensive.

With Local Number Portability, can I bring my cell phone number to Santa Barbara and make it a local number so I can make local calls free?

No, Local Number Portability will only let you change carriers in your home area while keeping the same number. You may be able to change your existing calling plan to include Santa Barbara, or you may be able to change to another carrier in your local area that offers free calling to Santa Barbara, and keep your cell phone number. To find out more about this option, consult your carrier.

If I dial 911 from my cell phone while I am on campus, where does the call go?

When you dial 911 from a cell phone on campus or anywhere in Santa Barbara, the call goes to the California Highway Patrol in Ventura. If you are able to communicate the emergency and your location to the Highway Patrol, they will transfer the call to the UCSB campus police department or other appropriate agency (fire or medical service). UCSB has its own 911 dispatch center in the campus Police Station.

911 calls dialed from the UCSB campus telephone system are routed directly to the campus 911 center. If you are concerned about 911 calls from your Residence Hall or UCSB apartment, call UCSB Communications Services at 805-893-8700 to discuss UCSB telephone service.




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