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  CommServ > Residents > Cable TV for UCSB Residents

Cable TV for UCSB Residents

CATV End-of-Service: Existing residential subscribers may cancel their service at any time prior to September 30, 2020. Communications Services will automatically terminate service and associated billing for all remaining residential subscribers effective October 1, 2020. All subscribers must return the cable TV equipment (Cox box, power supply, and remote control) within one month of service termination or they will incur charges for missing equipment. Equipment returns are accepted at the Communications Services office behind the Public Safety building 574 during business hours.

For more information, see End of Residential Cable TV Service (pdf).

Cancelling Standard Cable Television Service

Apartment residents who need to cancel cable television service should apply using the application below.

For further information, please call our customer service section at 805-893-8700 during business hours.

Billing and Payment

Only one person can be the Customer of Record for television service, and that person is responsible for all charges.

Standard cable television charges from Communications Services, including the initial installation fee and the monthly service fee, will be charged to the Customer of Record's BARC account. All BARC payments must be made to the UCSB Cashier's Office, located at SAASB 1212, and may be mailed or hand delivered.

Failure to pay your charges may cause your service to be disconnected, and may cause your student records, (including grades, transcripts, and registration materials) to be placed on hold. If we disconnect your service due to late payment, we will charge the full installation fee to restore service. Repeated failure to pay charges will cause termination of your account, and you will no longer be eligible for television service.

Stopping Service or Changing Address

You must notify Communications Services if you change or leave your apartment at UCSB, because you are responsible for all service charges until your service is deactivated or transferred to another student.

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