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Emergency Telephones (9-1-1)

campus emergency phone

Communications Services maintains the system of emergency telephones throughout the campus. This system includes unique telephones, marked as emergency phones, housed in red boxes and in elevators. In addition, any telephone connected to the campus telephone system can be used to make emergency calls.

How to Report Emergencies




All emergency calls connect you to Police Dispatch. Your location is automatically identified.

If an emergency telephone is ever found to be out of service, or appears to have been vandalized, please report the problem immediately to the Communications Services Help Desk at extension 8700.

UCSB Campus Emergency Phone Locations Map

Locations for emergency telephones are determined based on specific criteria and subject to approval by several departments and committees. The criteria and process for selecting locations are described in How Emergency Telephone Locations Are Selected.

Emergency Telephone Specifications

Emergency telephone installations on campus must meet standard requirements. For details, see Emergency Telephone Specifications.

To initiate a request for an emergency telephone or for further information, contact the Communications Services Associate Director at extension 7222.

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