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Communications Products and Services

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Products and Services by Category

Telephone and Voice Services
Telephone service, voice mail, calling cards, emergency phones, two-way radios, and more.
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Cable Television Service
Cox cable television offered through Communications Services can be charged to your University account.
more on cable television service
Data and Network Services
Internet access, network connections, UCSB public modem pools, resources for campus networking staff, internet peering, and more.
more on data services
Infrastructure Services
For campus planners, architects, and engineers: UCSB wiring and construction standards, project planning guidelines, the fiber optic cable plant, and information on antenna installation.
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Telephones and Accessories
You can order telephones, headsets, handset cords and other telephone accessories directly from Communications Services.
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Products and Services by Customer Group

For Faculty and Staff
Products and services available to UCSB faculty and staff.
more on voice services
For Residents
Products and services available to UCSB students and others living in UCSB-owned housing.
more on cable television service
For Non-University Groups on Campus
Products and services for non-University businesses or organizations requiring communications services on campus.
more on data services

Products and Services Description

The Communications Services department provides utility communications services to all University departments and on-campus University Housing. The department provides business telephone service, residential telephone service, cable television service, data communications between campus buildings and between the campus and off-campus locations (including the Internet), two-way radios, emergency telephones, public telephones, voice mail, and calling card services.

The department is also responsible for the design, specification, and supervision of construction, wiring, testing, documentation, and maintenance of inter-building communications facilities required for major renovations and new building construction on the campus. In addition, the department expands, upgrades, and replaces major underground cable systems in response to growth and new program requirements.




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