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Request Service

Before requesting telephone service, please read the following paragraphs carefully. Then complete and submit the two service request forms listed below. Unless you ask us to order telephone service from a different local, regulated telephone company, the service will be ordered from Verizon.

  • Communications Services will order the requested Verizon service for you and arrange for the correct billing to be sent to you from Verizon. You must complete a Letter of Agency authorizing us to place the order and arrange billing.
  • There may be expenses to connect to UCSB's facilities, particularly for temporary structures such as construction trailers. Those expenses are normally charged directly to the individual non-University customer. (Contractors involved in major projects may have contractual arrangements with the University that allow the expense to be charged to the project. Prior authorization by the University Representative for the project is required.) There is a space on the order form to indicate who will pay for this expense, and if an estimate is required. Note that charges incurred in the development of estimates will be billed to the customer regardless of whether the work for which the estimate is prepared is undertaken.
  • Communications Services will extend the Verizon service from the main campus point of demarcation out to the trailer's point of demarcation, charging our standard labor rate. We can provide an estimate of these charges beforehand, if requested.
  • There will also be an ongoing monthly charge for the rental of the telephone cable pairs used to extend service from the main point of demarcation to the trailer(s). These charges are billed through the University's Billing Office to your company. Communications Services, as part of the installations process, will arrange for an account to be opened with the Billing Office.
  • Once telephone service has been extended to the point of demarcation at the trailer(s), Communications Services can install internal wiring and connect service to jacks at our standard labor rate. You are also free to obtain these services elsewhere, or do the work yourself. Communications Services will provide an estimate for this type of work, if you request it. As mentioned above, charges incurred in the development of estimates will be billed to the customer regardless of whether the work for which the estimate is prepared is undertaken.

Service Request Forms

Complete both forms and send by fax or mail to:
Fax:   (805) 893-7272
Mail:   Customer Service
Communications Services
Public Safety Building 574
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1020

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For Further Information

Send email to help@commserv.ucsb.edu, or call our Customer Service section at 805-893-8700.




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