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Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator Services

UCSB Communications Services offers voice mail customers three ways to find out if they have messages waiting in their voice mailboxes. These Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) services include the following:

  • Stutter dial tone (standard for all voice mail customers).
  • Message waiting light (available with specified telephone instruments/systems).
  • MWI email notification (available by subscription to all voice mail customers).

Stutter Dial Tone

If you have a voice mail message waiting in your mailbox, you will hear a "stutter" or interrupted dial tone when you pick up your handset. This signal is standard with any UCSB voice mail service.

Message Waiting Light

The message waiting light offers you a visual signal in the form of a lamp that lights up and blinks when you have a message waiting in your voice mailbox. The lamp turms off when all messages have been listened to and stored or deleted. The message waiting light is available on the Cortelco MWI single-line phone, and most Panasonic multi-line digital systems.

MWI Email Notification

Communications Services' latest MWI service allows you to sign up to receive an email notice whenever a new message arrives in your UCSB voice mailbox. For details, see our news article on MWI Email.To sign up for the service, visit Voice Mail Message Waiting Email Notification Service.

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