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10BaseT: The ethernet-over-twisted pair implementation defined by the EIA-568 standard.

802.3: The Ethernet reference standard developed by the IEEE.

802.5: The Token Ring Network reference standard developed by the IEEE.

568-A: The EIA/TIA standard defining RJ-45 jack pin to wire attachment for telecommunications wiring in commercial buildings.

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act.

ANSI: American National Standards Institute.

AppleTalk: The relatively low-speed network defined by Apple Computer and integral to its machines.

Balun (Balanced - Unbalanced): A device used to convert signaling between balanced coax cable signaling and unbalanced twisted pair cable.

BIC: Building Industries Council.

Category: The five (5) divisions of performance specifications for the EIA/TIA 568 standards, encompassing Category 1:  POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) through Category 5: 100MBps CDDI (Copper Distributed Data Interface) and Category 5e: up to 150 MBps - ATM (Asynchronous Transport Method).

CATV: Cable Television.

Digital Key Systems: A multi-line telephone system for office use which uses multiple twisted pairs to control and transfer voice "paths" digitally from a central processing unit.

EIA: Electronic Industries Association.

Ethernet: A local area network technology based on coaxial cable that uses CSDMA/CS technology. Ethernets also run over twisted pair cable as defined by the IEEE 10BaseT standard.

IBM Type-2: A cable specification defined by IBM Corporation which contains both shielded and unshielded pairs in the same cable sheath.

IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

NEC: National Electric Code.

NEMA: National Electrical Manufacturer's Association.

SNA (Systems Network Architecture): The name applied to an architecture and a class of network products offered by IBM Corporation.

TIA: Telephone Industries Association.

USOC: Universal Standards Ordering Code.


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