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Temporary Telephone Disconnection

Service Description

Temporary disconnection of a faculty or staff telephone line may help you to reduce your monthly telephone expenses. This service can be used when a department wants to deactivate a telephone line for an indefinite period of time but still retain the original telephone number. The most frequent use of this service is by academic departments, who disconnect some faculty telephone lines over the summer and during leave periods.

If the building or space in which the temporarily disconnected telephone service exists is not on the main UCSB campus, but the building or space is owned by the University, and the service is provided by leased circuits from Verizon, Communications Services will pay for the cost of the Verizon circuits for a maximum of three (3) months (see Off-Campus Communications Services for additional information). Departments wishing to temporarily disconnect a telephone line that uses a Verizon circuit for more than three months will have to pay the cost of the Verizon circuit after the initial three months.

Get Temporary Telephone Disconnection or Reconnection

Communications Services provides an online "do it yourself" application which allows customers to view and select lines to be temporarily disconnected and reconnected automatically. However, if a line has been disconnected for an extended period of time, needs to be moved upon reconnection, or has certain special features, Communications Services may need to open a work order for you. The online application will advise you if this is necessary, in which case you can use our standard Request Service form to have Communications Services handle the connection status change for you.

Add a Greeting Only Voice Mailbox

When someone calls a line that has been temporarily disconnected, he or she hears a generic recorded announcement. If you want to record your own custom message to be played to these callers (for example, the name or telephone number of someone else in your department), you can add a Greeting Only Voice Mailbox. This mailbox is available for a small monthly charge.

For Additional Information

Send email to help@commserv.ucsb.edu, or call Customer Service at extension 8700.




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