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Work Order Billing Cutoff

Original posting: 5/28/04

The following change may impact departments that have currently open work orders with Communications Services.

As you are probably aware, Communications Services' recharge billing is generally for services provided in the previous month. For example, the "May 1 bill" was for services provided in April, and those charges appeared on your May ledger. As you have probably also realized, our billing occurs fairly late in the month (typically about the 25th), with our statements arriving at your offices about the same time as your GL060 reports for that month. But again, the charges you are receiving are for services in the previous month. However, for historic and system reasons, work order charges have been billed for activities up through the time we process our bills. That is, when we ran the "May 1 bill" on May 28, while the telephone, radio, and CATV charges were for April usage, the work order charges were for activity occurring from late April through May 28, i.e., up through the date we ran our billing.

Upcoming changes in our billing system will align our work order billing cutoff with the billing cutoff for all other charges. That is, work order activities during a month will be shown on the same billing statement as other types of services for that same month. For example, work order charges for work done in June will appear on the July 1 billing statement, and will appear in the July ledger.

In order to align this change with the fiscal year, we will need to make this transition effective with work order activity starting June 1 this year. The impact of this change to departments is that, if we are performing work for your department in the month of June, you will not see charges for that work until the July billing and ledger. If you have funds expiring June 30 that you were anticipating expending on work order activity in June, and this will present a problem, please contact Customer Service Manager Reilly Pollard, x4172.

We appreciate your patience during this transition; we feel it will allow us to provide improved consistency and accuracy with our work order billing.




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