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Update Telephone Service Locations Tool

Original posting: 5/18/04

Communications Services has created a new application on our website that we hope you will find useful. This application allows authorized individuals in your department to change the name associated with a given telephone line (which appears on your monthly billing summary), and correct the physical location record of the telephone lines in your department.

Previously, if you wanted to change the name associated with a line, you had to send us a request to perform the change. Now, you can use the Update Telephone Service Locations and Billing Names application to make the change yourself, instantly. Please note that changing the name shown in our records will not change the printed directory information, nor the information used by our campus operators. To do that you will still have to go to the UCSB Directory Service and update the individual's listing there.

You can now also correct the list of physical locations for your department's telephones. This will update our database, which is used by the campus Police Dispatch Center to dispatch emergency response personnel whenever a telephone line is used to dial 9-911. If 9-911 is dialed from a campus phone, emergency response personnel will be sent to the location(s) listed for that telephone line, so the accuracy of this data may be crucial to the life and safety of your department's personnel. You'll want to check the accuracy of the information for your department.

You can find the new application by clicking on the Tools link at the top of any of our web pages. Look for the application called Update Telephone Service Locations and Billing Names.

In order to use this application, as with all of our BORIS (Billing, Order, and Repair Information System) applications, you will need a Com-Plete UserID and password, and your departmental security administrator will need to give you access to the security group called CS-BRWSE. For more information, see our BORIS FAQ. You can also call us at x8700 with any questions about these or other BORIS applications.




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