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Changes in How Outgoing Caller ID Works

See Changes to Outgoing Caller ID.

Original posting: 7/23/03

Since 1997, most calls placed from campus telephones have transmitted the calling telephone number to the called party. This is called Outgoing Caller ID. Call recipients with Incoming Caller ID service and capable telephone equipment would see the caller's specific campus telephone number. Starting July 23, 2003, Communications Services will implement, as a campus cost-saving measure, a change to the telephone system's outgoing lines, which will change the way Outgoing Caller ID information is transmitted.

Effective July 23, 2003, outgoing local calls (e.g., within Isla Vista, Goleta, and Santa Barbara) will no longer transmit the specific telephone number that is placing the call, but will instead transmit 805-893-6000.

UCSB's telephone system will still automatically provide Outgoing Caller ID for calls to another 893 number when dialing the last 4 digits, for calls to UCSB 971 residential lines when dialing 1 plus the last 4 digits, and for all local toll calls (e.g., Santa Maria and Lompoc), long distance, international, and 911 calls.

As an example, if extension 893-1234 were to call Santa Barbara prior to July 23, and the called party has an Incoming Caller ID display, the display will show 805-893-1234. After July 23, instead of showing 805-893-1234 as the caller, 805-893-6000 will be displayed. The same will hold true for a call from the campus to a local cellular telephone that has Incoming Caller ID.

If sending extension-specific Caller ID is important to you for a specific call, it will be necessary to dial *82 before the call instead of 9. In other words, a call to Santa Barbara will be dialed as *82 966-1234 or *82 684-1234, instead of 9 plus the number. Call forwarding with full Outgoing Caller ID to off-campus locations or to a cellular telephone will also be invoked by dialing *72, getting a stutter dial tone, then dialing *82 instead of 9.




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