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Digital Key Telephone Systems

For most faculty and staff installations, Communications Services recommends single-line or two-line analog telephones. But if you need more than two lines on a desk, need incoming calls screened and routed, or need intercom functions, voice paging, or other advanced features, we recommend a multi-line digital key system.

Key systems include a broad range of office- or building-sized telephone systems that link from two to several hundred telephone sets to a central processing unit. Users can take advantage of multiple features and share incoming lines.

Digital key systems are programmable, relatively inexpensive, and feature rich. Some models allow for expansion from 10 or fewer telephones to several hundred. Digital key systems do require special digital-only telephone sets, and faxes or modems must continue to use separate lines.

Instruments Available

Digital telephone instruments you can order through Communications Services range from a 16-button monitor phone to a 34-button LCD speaker phone. All phones support headsets, hands-free answer-back on intercom, and off-hook voice announce. We can advise you on which phone instruments will suit your needs.

For features, photos, and details, see Digital Telephone Instruments.


Although the total life-cycle cost is relatively inexpensive, typical installations range from a few thousand dollars for small, basic systems to many thousands for large, complex ones.


Digital key systems are always ordered from the manufacturer after we have authorization to proceed with the installation. Unless the system you order is very large, allow about 45 days from the time authorization is received until final installation.

For More Information

Because of the number of variables in key system configurations, Communications Services will help you sort out what you need and arrange for a written estimate. Please call extension 8700, or send email to help@commserv.ucsb.edu.




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