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  CommServ > Faculty And Staff > Departmental Liaisons Membership List: P-Z

Departmental Liaisons Membership List: P-Z

Phelps Administrative Support Center (PASC) Mary Gay 3527 marygay@hfa.ucsb.edu
Physical Activities & Recreation Andrea Carr 4542 andrea.carr@essr.ucsb.edu
Physical Activities & Recreation Emily Boone 2181 emily.boone@essr.ucsb.edu
Physics Mike Deal 3701 deal@physics.ucsb.edu
Physics Sandra Hammonds 8425 sandra@physics.ucsb.edu
Physics Physics Computing Services 8366 operator@physics.ucsb.edu
Physics Shilo Tucker 2740 shilo@physics.ucsb.edu
Police Dan Manfredonia 2323 dan.manfredonia@ehs.ucsb.edu
Political Science Sharon Terry 8476 terry@polsci.ucsb.edu
Psychological & Brain Science Everly Manes 2847 manes@psych.ucsb.edu
Psychological & Brain Science Lynne Pritchard 2857 pritchard@psych.ucsb.edu
Public Affairs Holly Anfinsen 2191 holly.anfinsen@ia.ucsb.edu
Public Events Gretchen Falvo 3629 gretchen.falvo@ia.ucsb.edu
Procurement Services Calli Price 3723 calli.price@bfs.ucsb.edu
Procurement Services Jacob Godfrey 3001 jacob.godfrey@bfs.ucsb.edu
Registrar, Office of the Briana Villasenor 2987 briana.villasenor@sa.ucsb.edu
Registrar, Office of the Daisy Mejia 2978 daisy.mejia@sa.ucsb.edu
Registrar, Office of the Leesa Beck 4165 leesa.beck@sa.ucsb.edu
Religious Studies Bob Ortega 2993 bortega@hfa.ucsb.edu
Religious Studies Ra Thea 3316 rthea@hfa.ucsb.edu
Research, Office of Celia Estrella 7149 estrella@research.ucsb.edu
Research, Office of Jodi Hentschke 4188 hentschke@research.ucsb.edu
Residential & Community Living Gillian Swanson 4946 gswanson@housing.ucsb.edu
Residential Dining Services Sarah Black 3181 sblack@housing.ucsb.edu
Residential Dining Services Marisol Gomez 4835 mgomez@housing.ucsb.edu
Residential Information Systems Sunny Reiner 7393 sreiner@housing.ucsb.edu
Residential Operations DeAnne Hartman 3312 dhartman@housing.ucsb.edu
Housing and Residential Services Josie Vasquez 3281 jvasquez@housing.ucsb.edu
Sexual Harassment & Title IX Kristen Gibson 5410 kristen.gibson@shot9.ucsb.edu
Sexual Harassment & Title IX Paula Rudolph 2546 paula.rudolph@shot9.ucsb.edu
Sociology Lisa Blanco 2085 lblanco@soc.ucsb.edu
Solid State Lighting & Energy Center Tara Owens 2573 tara@engineering.ucsb.edu
South Hall Administrative Support Center (SASC) Linda Flegal 3237 flegal@hfa.ucsb.edu
South Hall Administrative Support Center (SASC) David Holmes 3864 davidholmes@hfa.ucsb.edu
South Hall Administrative Support Center (SASC) Dana Spoonerow 2708 spoonero@hfa.ucsb.edu
Spanish & Portuguese Mary Anderson 2865 manderson@hfa.ucsb.edu
Speech and Hearing Sciences Melinda Gandara 2281 gandara@.ucsb.edu
Speech and Hearing Sciences Richard Moglia 2594 moglia@speech.ucsb.edu
Statistics Claudia Carlson 4867 carlson@pstat.ucsb.edu
Statistics Denna Zamarron 2129 zamarron@pstat.ucsb.edu
Student Academic Support Services Margarita Espinoza 2664 margarita.espinoza@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Affairs Rachel Arriaga 8359 rachel.arriaga@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Affairs Jayne Patterson 8970 jayne.patterson@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Health Service Lucy Diaz 5339 diaz-l@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Health Service Mike Anderson 5641 anderson-m@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Health Service Stephanie Coghlan 4794 stephanie.coghlan@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Information Systems & Technology Victoria Bebko 5984 victoria.bebko@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Information Systems & Technology Amber Shelor 5984 Amber.Shelor@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Information Systems & Technology Elizabeth Pulliam 5984 elizabeth.pulliam@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Information Systems & Technology Tedi Tehrani 5296 tedi.tehrani@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Life-Campus Orgs Coleen Sears 4555 coleen.sears@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Life, Office of Miles Ashlock 3544 miles.ashlock@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Life, Office of Nancy Chudy 5149 nancy.chudy@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Life, Office of Sophie Friedman 4590 sophie.friedman@sa.ucsb.edu
Student Life, Office of Shana Moran-Lanier 2664 shana.moran-lanier@sa.ucsb.edu
Summer Sessions Denise Belanger 7873 d.belanger@summersessions.ucsb.edu
Summer Sessions Jim Stegall 8381 j.stegall@summersessions.ucsb.edu
Technology Management Program Giulia Brofferio 4920 brofferio@tmp.ucsb.edu
Theater and Dance Justin Leung 5508 jleung@theaterdance.ucsb.edu
Theater and Dance Eric Mills 3242 emills@theaterdance.ucsb.edu
Theater and Dance Debra Vance 7031 dvance@theaterdance.ucsb.edu
Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Ariana Alvarez 2546 ariana.alvarez@oeosh.ucsb.edu
Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Tori Asato 2701 tori.asato@ucsb.edu
Transportation & Parking Services John Behlman 5416 john.behlman@tps.ucsb.edu
Transportation & Parking Sevices Marylu Diaz 4258 marylu.diaz@ucsb.edu
Transportation & Parking Services Suzy Nespor 8731 suzy.nespor@ucsb.edu
Translational Medicine Research Laboratories (TMRL) Debbie Kleinpeter 2913 debbie@tmrl.ucsb.edu
Transportation & Parking Services Wendy Devlin 2924 wendy.devlin@tps.ucsb.edu
Transportation & Parking Services Lori Nicolaides 5416 lori.nicolaides@tps.ucsb.edu
Transportation & Parking Services Robert Silsbee 7032 robert.silsbee@vcadmin.ucsb.edu
UC Center for Energy & Environmental Economics Debbie Kleinpeter 2497 dkleinpeter@bren.ucsb.edu
UC Institute for Research in the Arts ZouZou Chapman 3098 zchapman@ucira.ucsb.edu
UCen Administration Gary Lawrence 3781 gary.lawrence@ucen.ucsb.edu
UCen Administration Loan Piela 4463 loan.piela@ucen.ucsb.edu
UCen Dining Services Laurie Ritchie 3773 laurie.ritchie@ucen.ucsb.edu
UCSB Extension Gloria Antoniou 7604 gloria.antoniou@extension.ucsb.edu
UCSB Extension Michael T. Brown 2944 michael.brown@els.ucsb.edu
UCSB Foundation Melodie Lee 5274 melodie.lee@ucsb.edu
Upward Bound Shannon Redmond 3515 shannon.redmond@sa.ucsb.edu
Women's Center Nicole Helton 3774 nicole.helton@sa.ucsb.edu
Women's Center Anna Hernandez 3778 hernandez-a@sa.ucsb.edu

Updated 4/18/17



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