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  CommServ > Faculty And Staff > Departmental Liaisons Membership List: F-O

Departmental Liaisons Membership List: F-O

Facilities Management Kimberly Paul 2539 kimberly.paul@fm.ucsb.edu
Facilities Management Kari Samlaska 4475 kari.samlaska@fm.ucsb.edu
Facilities Management Ron Yamane 7007 ron.yamane@fm.ucsb.edu
Faculty Club Sara Engebrits 3096 sara.engebrits@faculty-club.ucsb.edu
Feminist Studies Sonya Baker 8246 sbaker@femst.ucsb.edu
Feminist Studies Heather Liu 4330 cliu@femst.ucsb.edu
Film and Media Studies Evelyn Godinez 5335 godinez@filmandmedia.ucsb.edu
Film and Media Studies Kathy Murray 2120 kmurray@filmandmedia.ucsb.edu
Financial Aid & Scholarships Brian L. Frazier, Ph.D. 2697 Brian.Frazier@sa.ucsb.edu
Financial Aid & Scholarships Andrew Height 2067 andrew.height@sa.ucsb.edu
Financial Aid & Scholarships Daisy Mejia 2978 daisy.mejia@sa.ucsb.edu
Financial Aid & Scholarships Daniel Nguyen 2067 Daniel.Nguyen@sa.ucsb.edu
French and Italian Mary Anderson 2865 manderson@hfa.ucsb.edu
Furniture Services Jeff Goldmann 2732 jeff.goldmann@ucsb.edu
Geography Lauren Kerr 5088 laurenkerr@geog.ucsb.edu
Geography Mo Lovegreen 308-1246 mo@geog.ucsb.edu
Geography Nancy Ponce 4996 nancy@geog.ucsb.edu
Geology Kate Lima 4604 klima@geol.ucsb.edu
Geology Vivian Stopple 4688 vstopple@geol.ucsb.edu
Germanic and Slavic Studies Mary Gay 3527 marygay@hfa.ucsb.edu
Global and International Studies Jodi Cutler 7860 cutler@global.ucsb.edu
Global and International Studies Jessea Gay Marie 4668 jmarie@global.ucsb.edu
Global and International Studies Regina Rivera 8410 rivera@global.ucsb.edu
Governmental Relations Kirsten Deshler 4588 kirsten.deshler@ia.ucsb.edu
Graduate Division Amber Shelor 3249 anber.shelor@graddiv.ucsb.edu
Graduate School of Education Kelly Hayton 5922 kelly@education.ucsb.edu
Graduate School of Education Nina Forte 4515 nina@education.ucsb.edu
Graduate School of Education Terri Hille 4428 thille@education.ucsb.edu
Health & Wellness Lorie Morris 4081 lorie.morris@sa.ucsb.edu
History Todd Humphreys 4623 thumphreys@hfa.ucsb.edu
History Ra Thea 3316 rthea@hfa.ucsb.edu
History Bob Ortega 2993 bortega@hfa.ucsb.edu
History of Art & Architecture Christian Brown 3984 cbrown@hfa.ucsb.edu
History of Art & Architecture Judi Haskell 4444 jhaskell@hfa.ucsb.edu
Housing and Residential Services Barry Colwell 805-452-9806 bcolwell@housing.ucsb.edu
Housing and Residential Services Gillian Swanson 4946 gswanson@housing.ucsb.edu
Housing and Residential Services Julie Levangie 3051 jlevangie@housing.ucsb.edu
Housing and Residential Services Marisol Vasquez 4835 mvasquez@housing.ucsb.edu
Housing and Residential Services Mandy Yoshida 2360 myoshida@housing.ucsb.edu
Housing and Residential Services Stephanie Zhang 8008 szhang@housing.ucsb.edu
Human Resources Joel Rosales 8978 joel.rosales@hr.ucsb.edu
Human Resources Alexandra Cugnier 5375 alexandra.cugnier@hr.ucsb.edu
Human Resources Rushabh Pattani 2854 Rushabh.Pattani@hr.ucsb.edu
Humanities Administrative Support Center Bob Ortega 2993 bortega@hfa.ucsb.edu
Humanities Administrative Support Center Ra Thea 3316 rthea@hfa.ucsb.edu
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) Lauren Ferguson 8727 lferguson@ihc.ucsb.edu
Information Systems & Computing Kelly Dosil 2759 kelly.dosil@isc.ucsb.edu
Information Systems & Computing Kirk Grier 7960 kirk.grier@isc.ucsb.edu
Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies Danica Acosta 3198 danica.acosta@icb.ucsb.edu
Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies Christine Griffin 6058 christine.griffin@icb.ucsb.edu
Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies Shayna Ingram 7133 shayna.ingram@icb.ucsb.edu
Institute for Energy Efficiency Meaghan Shaw 4964 meaghan@iee.ucsb.edu
Institute for Energy Efficiency Jane Allen 3488 jane@iee.ucsb.edu
Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research Jana Bentley 2548 jana.bentley@ucsb.edu
Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research Amy Jacobs 8277 amy.jacobs@ucsb.edu
Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research Paula Ryan 8129 paula.ryan@ucsb.edu
Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology Rita Makogon 2582 rita@itst.ucsb.edu
Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology Marlene Rifkin 3742 marlene@itst.ucsb.edu
Institute for Theoretical Physics Kevin Barron 2896 kevin@kitp.ucsb.edu
Institute for Theoretical Physics Cori Montgomery 6316 cori@kitp.ucsb.edu
Institute for Theoretical Physics Deborah Storm 3272 storm@kitp.ucsb.edu
Institutional Advancement Carmen deLeon-Rendon 5125 carmen.rendon@ucsb.edu
Institutional Advancement Cheryl Kelly 3650 cheryl.kelly@ucsb.edu
IA Advancement Services Socorro Aguilera 5221 socorro.aguilera@ia.ucsb.edu
IA Advancement Services Polly Bustillos 2897 polly.bustillos@ia.ucsb.edu
IA Finance & Administration Eric Sonquist 8585 eric.sonquist@ia.ucsb.edu
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Sean Mayuga 5855 iacuc@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Instructional Computing Tony Schrick 5359 tony.schrick@ic.ucsb.edu
Instructional Development Kathleen Magazino 8206 kathleen.magazino@id.ucsb.edu
Instructional Development Ruth Marquette 8583 ruth.marquette@id.ucsb.edu
Intercollegiate Athletics Hazel Ando 8320 hazel.ando@athletics.ucsb.edu
Intercollegiate Athletics Renee McLean 2517 renee.mclean@athletics.ucsb.edu
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Cole Cohen 2004 cole@ihc.ucsb.edu
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Emily Zinn 3137 ezinn@ihc.ucsb.edu
Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Janice Strobach 3907 jstrobach@ihc.ucsb.edu
International Students & Scholars Nancy Doan 2720 nancy.doan@sa.ucsb.edu
International Students & Scholars Simran Singh 2211 singh-s@sa.ucsb.edu
Koegel Autism Center Clinic Coordinator 2049 autism@education.ucsb.edu
Law and Society Kathy Murray 8855 kmurray@lawso.ucsb.edu
Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance (LAEF) Carmen Earle 2258 carmen@econ.ucsb.edu
Latin American & Iberian Studies (LAIS) Mary Anderson 2865 manderson@hfa.ucsb.edu
Letters & Science Information Technology Patricia Marin 4595 pmarin@ic.ucsb.edu
Letters and Science Information Technology Joan Murdoch 2954 joan@lsit.ucsb.edu
Letters and Science Information Technology Terri Jo Ortega 5651 tjortega@lsit.ucsb.edu
Letters & Science Information Technology Mally Sneddon 5250 mally@lsit.ucsb.edu
Library Vessela Jivkova 3474 vjivkova@library.ucsb.edu
Library Mary Kohler 2741 kohler@library.ucsb.edu
Library Diana Russell 3855 diana.russell@library.ucsb.edu
Loan Collections Victor Bartolome 3148 victor.bartolome@lcol.ucsb.edu
Loan Collections Wendy Grim 3463 wendy.grim@lcol.ucsb.edu
Mail Services & Central Receiving Jesse Armann 2581 jesse.armann@bfs.ucsb.edu
Mail Services & Central Receiving Jim Hernandez 2093 jim.hernandez@ucsb.edu
Marine Science Institute Marisol Hernandez 8078 hernandez@msi.ucsb.edu
Marine Science Institute Tim Schmidt 4093 schmidt@msi.ucsb.edu
Marine Science Institute Bonnie Williamson 2344 williamson@msi.ucsb.edu
Materials ENMT Dawn McTague 8209 dawn@engineering.ucsb.edu
Materials Jennifer Nguyen 8888 purchasing@engineering.ucsb.edu
Materials Stefani Juarez 4362 materials@engineering.ucsb.edu
Materials Research Laboratory Maki Donovan 8391 maki@mrl.ucsb.edu
Materials Research Laboratory Marisol Cedillo Dougherty 8391 marisol@mrl.ucsb.edu
Materials Research Laboratory Joni Schwartz 8519 joni@mrl.ucsb.edu
Materials Research Laboratory Amanda Storm 7925 amanda@mrl.ucsb.edu
Materials Research Laboratory Sylvia Vogel 7233 sylvia@mrl.ucsb.edu
Mathematics Lynn Clark 2955 clark@math.ucsb.edu
Mechanical & Environmental Engineering Julie Dunson 5835 jdunson@engineering.ucsb.edu
Mechanical & Environmental Engineering Deanna Hearth 2859 deanna@engineering.ucsb.edu
Mechanical & Environmental Engineering Lorenza Pavesi Brown 2430 lorenza@engineering.ucsb.edu
Media Arts and Technology Program Judi Haskell 3029 haskell@mat.ucsb.edu
Media Arts and Technology Program Marcos Novak 7342 marcos@mat.ucsb.edu
Military Science Patricia Dent 3042 pdent@milsci.ucsb.edu
Mitsubishi Center (MCAM) Sara Bard 7913 sara@mc-cam.ucsb.edu
Mitsubishi Center (MCAM) Maureen Evans 8519 maureen@mrl.ucsb.edu
Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology Sendy Dang 5692 sendy.dang@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology Paula Higginson 5692 paula.higginson@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology Amber Noelle Griffin 5794 amber.noelle@lifesci.ucsb.edu
MultiCultural Center Zaveeni Khan-Marcus 8263 Zaveeni.Khan-Marcus@sa.ucsb.edu
MultiCultural Center Sepideah Mohsenian-Rahman 7608 Sepideah.Mohsenian-Rahman@sa.ucsb.edu
MultiCultural Center Ruby Mojarro 7608 mojarro-r@sa.ucsb.edu
MultiCultural Center Beverly Li 8411 beverly.li@sa.ucsb.edu
MultiCultural Center Carol Dinh 2108 Carol.Dinh@sa.ucsb.edu
Music Maria Boschee 3406 mboschee@music.ucsb.edu
Music Connie Howard 2737 choward@music.ucsb.edu
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis Debbie Donahue 7521 donahue@nceas.ucsb.edu
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis Julia Niessen 7528 niessen@nceas.ucsb.edu
Natural Reserve System Andrew Jordan 4127 andrew.jordan@ucsb.edu
Natural Reserve System Deby Puro 4127 deby.puro@ucsb.edu
Neuroscience Research Institute Karen Cisneros 5506 cisneros@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Neuroscience Research Institute Theresa Pena 4621 theresa.pena@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Neuroscience Research Institute Bee Jay Yokoi 4648 Yokoi@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Ocean Engineering Lab Eileen Horton 4937 eileen@engineering.ucsb.edu
Office of Education Partnerships Orly Greenwood 3105 ogreenwood@ucsb.edu
Office of Instructional Consultation (OICO) Tia Thompson 8583 tia@id.ucsb.edu
Office of Information Technology Elise Meyer 5050 elise.meyer@ucsb.edu
Office of Research Jodi Hentschke 4188 hentschke@research.ucsb.edu
Office of Research Bruce Pollock 7008 pollock@research.ucsb.edu
Office of Technology and Industry Alliances Tish Ramos 5196 ramos@research.ucsb.edu
Office of the Ombuds Shauna Shea 3285 Shauna.Shea@ucsb.edu
Orfalea Family Children's Center Autumn Ayala 5279 autumn.ayala@sa.ucsb.edu
Orfalea Family Children's Center Jesse Rosenzweig 4994 rosenzweig-j@sa.ucsb.edu
Orientation Programs Leslie Altman 3443 leslie.altman@sa.ucsb.edu
Orientation Programs Kim Equinoa 3858 kim.equinoa@sa.ucsb.edu
Orientation Programs Tricia Rascon 4275 patricia.rascon@sa.ucsb.edu

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