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  CommServ > Faculty And Staff > Departmental Liaisons Membership List: A-E

Departmental Liaisons Membership List: A-E

Academic Affairs IT Andy Satomi 8996 andy@ucsb.edu
Academic Personnel Cindy Doherty 8332 cindy.doherty@ucsb.edu
Academic Personnel Mayra Magana 3445 mayra.magana@ucsb.edu
Academic Preparation, Office of Claudia Diaz 3105 claudia.diaz@apo.ucsb.edu
Academic Programs Carol Parsons 2655 parsons@oap.ucsb.edu
Academic Senate Anna Lin 3173 anna.lin@senate.ucsb.edu
Academic Senate Stephanie Stokes 4511 stephanie.stokes@senate.ucsb.edu
Accounting Services & Controls Neil Clark 7667 Neil.Clark@bfs.ucsb.edu
ACTG Alexandra Cugnier 8593 Alexandra.Cugnier@bfs.ucsb.edu
Administrative Services Lynn McLaughlin-Hill 7533 lmhil@vcadmin.ucsb.edu
Administrative Services Lisa Tucker 2770 lisa.tucker@vcadmin.ucsb.edu
Admissions Rosalie Jaimes 5909 rosalie.jaimes@sa.ucsb.edu
Admissions Lisa Przekop 3873 lisa.przekop@sa.ucsb.edu
Admissions Briana Villasenor 2987 briana.villasenor@sa.ucsb.edu
Alternative Digital Printing Tommy Garwood 968-1055 tgarwood@alternativecopy.com
Alternative Digital Printing Kim Larsen 968-1055 klarsen@alternativecopy.com
Alumni Association Hazra Kamal 3565 hazra.kamal@ia.ucsb.edu
Alumni Association Mary MacRae 2957 mary.macrae@ia.ucsb.edu
American Federation of Teachers Katia McClain 5755 kmcclain@gss.ucsb.edu
Animal Resource Center Veronica Wynn 3986 veronica.wynn@ucsb.edu
Anthropology Louisa Dennis 8152 ldennis@anth.ucsb.edu
Anthropology Robin Roe 4625 roe@anth.ucsb.edu
Anthropology Tania Marin 7197 tmarin@anth.ucsb.edu
Apartment & Community Living, Office of Danielle Reed 4813 dreed@housing.ucsb.edu
Apartment & Community Living, Office of Stephanie Zhang 8008 szhang@housing.ucsb.edu
Art Kathi Cardin 2852 cardin@hfa.ucsb.edu
Art Venessa Hornemann 8010 vhornemann@hfa.ucsb.edu
Art Museum Lety Garcia 2951 lgarcia@museum.ucsb.edu
Arts Administrative Support Center Kathi Cardin 2852 cardin@hfa.ucsb.edu
Arts and Lectures Janelle Kohler 4377 janelle.kohler@sa.ucsb.edu
Arts and Lectures Donovan Cardenas 4435 donovan.cardenas@sa.ucsb.edu
Arts and Lectures Ashley Aquino 3822 ashley.aquino@sa.ucsb.edu
Arts and Lectures Roman Baratiak 2078 roman.baratiak@sa.ucsb.edu
Arts and Lectures Rachel Leslie 3458 rachel.leslie@sa.ucsb.edu
Arts Library Mallory Gianola 2850 mgianola@library.ucsb.edu
Arts Library Martha Peyton 8500 mpeyton@library.ucsb.edu
Asian American Studies Arlene Phillips 2371 phillips@asamst.ucsb.edu
Associated Students Omead Poure 3374 omeadp@as.ucsb.edu
Associated Students Cindy Lopez 3374 cindyl@as.ucsb.edu
Associated Students Denise Rinaldi 4141 deniser@as.ucsb.edu
Athletics Hazel Ando 8320 hazel.ando@athletics.ucsb.edu
Athletics Laura Lum 8613 laura.lum@athletics.ucsb.edu
Audit and Advisory Services Robert Tarsia 4080 robert.tarsia@audit.ucsb.edu
Audit and Advisory Services Stacy Nummerdor 3817 stacy.nummerdor@audit.ucsb.edu
Billing Accounts/Receivable Office Kathy Kraus 2094 kathy.kraus@bfs.ucsb.edu
Billing Accounts/Receivable Office Steven J. Kriz 3480 steve.kriz@bfs.ucsb.edu
Billing Accounts/Receivable Office Erick McCurdy 5382 erick.mccurdy@bfs.ucsb.edu
Biological Sciences Angie Gallagher 2504 gallaghe@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Biological Sciences Larry Murdock 4311 murdock@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Biomolecular Science and Engineering Stella Hahn 2290 stella.hahn@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Black Studies Ashley Nicole Thompson 8045 athompson@blackstudies.ucsb.edu
Bookstore Ann Springer 2330 ann.springer@bkstr.ucsb.edu
Bookstore Mark Valencia 8251 mark.valencia@bkstr.ucsb.edu
Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Amy Burgard 7457 amy@bren.ucsb.edu
Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Kim Fugate 3540 kim@bren.ucsb.edu
Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Dee White 8452 dee@bren.ucsb.edu
Budget and Planning Ambar Campos 2054 ambar.campos@ucsb.edu
Budget and Planning Patricia Esparza 3958 patricia.esparza@ucsb.edu
California NanoSystems Institute Eva Deloa 8159 deloa@cnsi.ucsb.edu
California NanoSystems Institute Holly Woo 4130 woo@cnsi.ucsb.edu
Campus Conference Services Kelly Stanley 3072 kstanley@housing.ucsb.edu
Campus Conference Services Sally Vito 3072 svito@housing.ucsb.edu
Campus Learning Assistance Services Lupe Navarro Garcia 4089 lupe.garcia@sa.ucsb.edu
Campus Learning Assistance Services Venus Nasri 2946 venus.nasri@sa.ucsb.edu
Career Services Tom Q. Bennett 4419 tom.bennett@sa.ucsb.edu
Career Services Teresa Stankis 6004 teresa.stankis@sa.ucsb.edu
Cashiers Office Annaliza Lopez 2177 annaliza.lopez@ucsb.edu
Center for Bioengineering Krista J. Mastres 2764 kmastres@engineering.ucsb.edu
Center for Black Studies Research Mahsheed Ayoub 3914 mayoub@cbs.ucsb.edu
Center for Black Studies Research Claudine Michel 3914 michel@blackstudies.ucsb.edu
Center for Polymers and Organic Solids Catherine Szegda 2882 szegda@chem.ucsb.edu
Center for Risk Studies and Safety Steve Beal 4900 sbeal@engr.ucsb.edu
Center for Risk Studies and Safety Janet Wagner 4900 jlwagner@engineering.ucsb.edu
Center for Taiwan Studies Bob Ortega 2993 bortega@hfa.ucsb.edu
Center for Taiwan Studies Kuo-ching Tu 8835 kctu@eastasian.ucsb.edu
Central Stores Jesse Armann 2581 jesse.armann@bfs.ucsb.edu
Chancellor's Office Stacey Janik 5381 stacey.janik@ucsb.edu
Chancellor's Office Julie Luera 8150 julie.luera@ucsb.edu
Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration Katja Seltmann 2401 seltmann@ccber.ucsb.edu
Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration Mireia Beas-Moix 2401 beas-moix@ccber.ucsb.edu
Chemical Engineering Erica Brunasso 3412 erica@engineering.ucsb.edu
Chemical Engineering Mike Best 4131 mike@engr.ucsb.edu
Chemistry and Biochemistry Jennifer Mehl 4392 mehl@chem.ucsb.edu
Chemistry and Biochemistry Mira Lazaro 7135 lazaro@chem.ucsb.edu
Chemistry and Biochemistry Donna Trimble 2063 trimble@chem.ucsb.edu
Chicana and Chicano Studies Sonya Baker 5450 sbaker@chicst.ucsb.edu
Chicana and Chicano Studies Joann Erving 8807 callen@chicst.ucsb.edu
Chicana and Chicano Studies Katherine Morales 5269 kmorales@chicst.ucsb.edu
Chicano Studies Institute Candice Perez 3895 candice.perez@ucsb.edu
Chicano Studies Institute Tracey Goss 5315 tracey.goss@ucsb.edu
Classics Bob Ortega 2993 bortega@hfa.ucsb.edu
Classics Anna Roberts 3556 aroberts@classics.ucsb.edu
College of Creative Studies Jennifer Johansen 2364 jen.johansen@ccs.ucsb.edu
College of Creative Studies Jo Little 3759 jo.little@ccs.ucsb.edu
College of Creative Studies Marianne Morris 4902 marianne.morris@ccs.ucsb.edu
College of Engineering Dani Chapman 4802 dchapman@engr.ucsb.edu
College of Engineering Jessie Long 4802 jlong@engr.ucsb.edu
College of Engineering Josie Castagnola 3172 josie@engineering.ucsb.edu
College of Engineering Lauren Ferguson 7717 lauren@engineering.ucsb.edu
College of Engineering Jackie Spier 7717 jspier@engineering.ucsb.edu
College of  Letters and Science Cathy Pollock 5289 cpollock@ltsc.ucsb.edu
College of Letters and Science Melissa Calvin 2328 mcalvin@ltsc.ucsb.edu
College of Letters and Science Academic Advising Michelle Keuper 2807 mkeuper@ltsc.ucsb.edu
College of Letters and Science Academic Advising Diana J. Russell 2688 drussell@ltsc.ucsb.edu
Communication Tania Dunson 4517 tdunson@comm.ucsb.edu
Communication Michelle Fredrich 8468 mfredrich@comm.ucsb.edu
Communication Mary Hilligoss 4479 hilligoss@comm.ucsb.edu
Communications Services Tom Mullens 4450 tom.mullens@commserv.ucsb.edu
Communications Services Paul Valenzuela 7222 paul.valenzuela@commserv.ucsb.edu
Comparative Literature Program Mary Anderson 2865 manderson@hfa.ucsb.edu
Computer Engineering Program Libby Straight 5615 libby@ece.ucsb.edu
Computer Science Greta Halle 4323 greta@cs.ucsb.edu
Computer Science Jennifer Martin 2207 jmartin@cs.ucsb.edu
Counseling Services Rosemarie
4936 rosemarie.hanssen@sa.ucsb.edu
Counseling Services Jeanne Stanford 4411 Jeanne.Stanford@sa.ucsb.edu
Daily Nexus and LaCumbre Debjani Bhattacharya 7601 debjani.bhattacharya@sa.ucsb.edu
Daily Nexus and LaCumbre Ryan Ethington 3509 ryan.ethington@sa.ucsb.edu
Daily Nexus and LaCumbre Linda Meyer 4006 linda.meyer@sa.ucsb.edu
Design & Construction Services Lisa Ramirez 4969 lisa.ramirez@dcs.ucsb.edu
Development Zen Perez 5688 zen.perez@ia.ucsb.edu
Development Alejandra Carmona Greene 4759 alejandra.greene@ia.ucsb.edu
Disabled Students Program Elizabeth Ross 6088 ross-e@sa.ucsb.edu
Disabled Students Program Wanda Thomas 2668 thomas-w@sa.ucsb.edu
Distribution & Logistical Services  Jim Hernandez 2093 jim.hernandez@ucsb.edu
Early Academic Outreach (EAO) Briana Villasenor 2987 briana.villasenor@sa.ucsb.edu
Early Academic Outreach (EAO) Britt Ortiz 5185 ortiz-ba@sa.ucsb.edu
Early Academic Outreach (EAO) Daisy Mejia 2978 daisy.mejia@sa.ucsb.edu
Early Academic Outreach (EAO) Rosa Martinez 5186 rosa.martinez@sa.ucsb.edu
Earth Research Institute Heather Philips 7350 heather@eri.ucsb.edu
Earth Research Institute Bonnie Roper 8231 bonnie@eri.ucsb.edu
Earth Research Institute Kathy Scheidemen 7615 kathys@eri.ucsb.edu
Earth Science Kate Lima 4604 klima@geol.ucsb.edu
Earth Science Vivian Stopple 4688 vstopple@geol.ucsb.edu
East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies Ra Thea 3316 rthea@hfa.ucsb.edu
East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies Bob Ortega 2993 bortega@hfa.ucsb.edu
Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Catharine Arnold 2974 arnold@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Andrea Jorgensen 2427 andrea.jorgensen@lifesci.ucsb.edu
Economics Maria DiPaolo 7063 maria@econ.ucsb.edu
Economics Kenneth Freeland 3678 Kenneth.freeland@ucsb.edu
Economics Joan Giovannone 3678 joan.giovannone@ucsb.edu
Economics Laurie Preston 7063 laurie.preston@ucsb.edu
Education Abroad Program (Campus) Emily Tom-Atzberger 5661 emily.tom-atzberger@ucsb.edu
Education Abroad Program (Systemwide Office) Lance Heather 4243 lheather@eap.ucsb.edu
Education Abroad Program Marisa Flores 3837 marisa@eap.ucsb.edu
Education Program for Culture Awareness Viviana Marsano 7608 viviana.marsano@sa.ucsb.edu
Educational Opportunity Program Manny Angel 2558 manuel.angel@sa.ucsb.edu
Educational Opportunity Program Sandra Camp 4615 sandra.camp@sa.ucsb.edu
Educational Opportunity Program Joell Emoto 3532 joell.emoto@sa.ucsb.edu
Educational Opportunity Program Margarita Espinoza 2664 margarita.espinoza@sa.ucsb.edu
Educational Opportunity Program Rocio Farjado 8872 rocio.farjado@sa.ucsb.edu
Educational Opportunity Program Nellie Guerrero 3566 nellie.guerrero@sa.ucsb.edu
Educational Opportunity Program Janet Schuler 3794 janet.schuler@sa.ucsb.edu
Electrical & Computer Engineering Joelle Dohrman 3716 cao-admin@ece.ucsb.edu
Electrical & Computer Engineering Robbin Marie Mata 7703 rmata@ece.ucsb.edu
Electrical & Computer Engineering Renee Meuret 3821 renee@ece.ucsb.edu
Engineering Computing Infrastructure Juli Pippin 7038 juli@cs.ucsb.edu
Engineering Maintenance Lili Petrossian 8052 lili13@engineering.ucsb.edu
English for Multilingual Students Josie Patterson 7258 jpatterson@hfa.ucsb.edu
Enterprise Technology Services Matt Erickson 4219 matthew.erickson@pmo.ucsb.edu
Environmental Health and Safety Ali Aghayan 8533 ali.aghayan@ehs.ucsb.edu
Environmental Health and Safety Dan Manfredonia 2323 dan.manfredonia@ehs.ucsb.edu
Environmental Studies Cami Helmuth 7547 helmuth@es.ucsb.edu
Environmental Studies Cheryl Hutton 3715 hutton@es.ucsb.edu
Environmental Studies Erinn O'Shea 2905 eoshea@es.ucsb.edu
Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Prevention Ariana Alvarez 2546 ariana.alvarez@oeosh.ucsb.edu
Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Prevention Tori Asato 2701 tori.asato@ucsb.edu
Executive VC and Academic Personnel Toby Lazarowitz 4764 toby.lazarowitz@ucsb.edu
Executive VC and Academic Personnel Lisa Sedgwick 8029 lisa.sedgwick@ucsb.edu
Extension Jenna Joo 7604 jenna.joo@extension.ucsb.edu

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