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Services for UCSB Faculty and Staff

Telephone and Voice Services

Telephone Service
Get telephone service delivered to your campus office or lab.
Custom Calling Features
Call Transfer, Call Forward, Three-Way Calling, Call Waiting, and more.
Detailed Dialing Instructions
How to use the calling features on your telephone.
Voice Mail
Advanced voice messaging system with multiple mailboxes and message management features.
Authorization Codes
Automated billing of long distance calls to different BARC account numbers.
Calling Cards
Charge calls to your office telephone number when you're away from your phone.
Fax Lines
Communications Services provides a telephone line and installation support for Fax machines.
Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) service receives, processes, queues, and distributes multiple incoming calls.
Digital Key Telephone Systems
Communications Services provides lines and installation support for digital multi-line telephone systems.
Training and Consultation
Communications Services offers training and consultation for services provided to departments.
Extended Conference Service
Voice and Web conferencing for four or more people.
In-Bound Toll-Free (800) Service
"Bulk rate" service for incoming calls charged to your departmental phone number.
Courtesy Telephones
"In-house" telephones that are restricted to on-campus calls, or can automatically dial a fixed number.
Local Off-Campus Communications
Voice and data communications in buildings owned or leased by the university away from campus, but within the local area.
Communications for Distant Locations
Setting up telephone and data communications service at locations outside the Goleta/Santa Barbara area.
Two-Way Radios
Communications Services controls access to UCSB 800Mhz radio frequencies, and maintains all FCC licenses for the use of campus two-way radios.
Telephones and Accessories Catalog
Order telephones and accessories online and have the costs charged to your University account.

Cable Television Service

Cable Television
Communications Services delivers Cox Cable television to faculty and staff offices and labs.

General Services

Directory Assistance
Directory Assistance provides telephone information for UCSB departments, services, faculty, and staff.
Emergency Telephones
Toll-free connections to Police Dispatch with automatic caller location throughout the campus.
Pay Telephones
Communications Services oversees the location of Verizon-owned pay telephones on campus.
Online and printed directories provide contact information for UCSB departments, faculty, staff, and students.
Cellular Telephones
Cellular telephone information for UCSB departments, faculty, and staff.
Global Prepaid Long Distance
Web-based, prepaid international and domestic cellular calling service for UCSB students, faculty, and staff.




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