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Communications Services Staff

Customer Service Section
  Conrad Christensen, Telecom Engineer 805-893-7795 clchrist@ucsb.edu
  Chris Foster, Campus Operator 805-893-8070 cbfoster@ucsb.edu
  Andrew Morgan, Customer Service Supervisor 805-893-7797 andrewlmorgan@ucsb.edu
  Kevin North, Telecom Engineer 805-893-7798 kevnorth@ucsb.edu
  Derek Stokes, Telecom Engineer 805-893-7095 dstokes@ucsb.edu
ETS Administrative Section
  Ted Barroca, Purchasing Administrator 805-893-3936 barroca@ucsb.edu
  Carrie Bustillos, Administrative Assistant III 805-893-3362 carrie.bustillos@ucsb.edu
  Sparring Lynch, Recharge Analyst 805-893-3732 sparring@ucsb.edu
  Tamara Marquez, Analyst II / Supervisor / Campus Cellular Manager 805-893-5718 tmarquez@ucsb.edu
Operations Section
  Jim Campbell, Operations Manager 805-893-5577 jcampbel@ucsb.edu
  Marian Cohen, Database Analyst/Developer 805-893-3310 marian.cohen@ucsb.edu
  Chad Cook, Technician 805-893-4409 chadjcook@ucsb.edu
  Michael Holford, Switch Operations Technician 805-893-2379 mike.holford@ucsb.edu
  Hamid Shafii, Technician 805-451-0815 shafii@ucsb.edu
  Robert Taylor, Technician 805-451-1574 robert.taylor@ucsb.edu
Engineering Section
  John Loman, Pre-Fielder/CAD 805-893-3399 john.loman@ucsb.edu
  Ray Milholland, Project Manager 805-893-8772 raymil@ucsb.edu
Departmental Managers
  Bill Neuner, Engineering Manager 805-893-5029 bneuner@ucsb.edu
  Chris Rosenstock, Telecom Manager 805-893-7775 cirose@ucsb.edu
  Kevin Schmidt, Director 805-893-7779 kps@ucsb.edu
  Brian White, Principal Analyst 805-893-7279 bwhite@ucsb.edu




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