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Policy on Quality

Achievement of superior customer and consumer satisfaction levels is a goal of Communications Services. Essential to the realization of this goal is a strong commitment to quality by every member of the department and supplier to the department.

Quality excellence can best be achieved by preventing problems rather than by detecting and correcting them after they occur.

The customer, the consumer and the supplier mutually define quality; the customer and consumer need products and services that meet their needs and expectations at a cost that represents value.

Each employee has a right to expect quality work from his or her coworkers and an obligation to contribute work of high caliber to his or her customers and consumers.

Sustained excellence requires continuous improvement, in both the processes performed by employees and the abilities of employees. This means, regardless of how good present performance may be, it can become better. We are committed to developing and sustaining an environment in which people have an opportunity to contribute, learn, develop broad skills, and advance, based on merit, and not on politics, longevity, or background. Every employee will be respected, treated fairly, listened to, and involved in the improvement of our processes and our skills.

Teams of customers, consumers, and suppliers are responsible for reviewing the department's systems, processes, and training programs. These same teams have the authority to revise the systems, processes, and programs as needed to meet the requirements of this policy statement.

Vince Sefcik, Director
UCSB Communications Services,
Office of Information Technology




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