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  CommServ > Residents > Telephone and Television Policies

Telephone and Television Policies

1. All applicants for residential telephone services must agree to read the Telephone and Television Services Policies on this page, and agree to abide by them. Violations of policy may result in deactivation of your services.

2. All charges for these services, with the exception of any Premium television services obtained from Cox Communications, will be assessed by the UCSB Communications Services Department, and will appear on your monthly Billing Accounts Receivable Collections (BARC) statement. All payments are subject to surcharges by State and Federal regulatory agencies. Payment may be made through the mail or in person to the UCSB Cashier's Office, SAASB 1212. Please use check or money order, payable to Regents, University of California. Bills are due and payable at the time of receipt, but no later than thirty (30) days from the date of the billing summary. If you do not make full payment within this period, we will restrict or cancel your service. To reactivate service, you will have to settle all past due accounts, and pay a reconnection fee.

3. The person who signs up for television, telephone or voice mail services becomes the Customer of Record and is responsible for all charges, including all calls placed or received on the telephone line, collect calls, credit card calls, calling card calls, and long distance calls within Area Code 805 to establish Internet connections.

4. When initiating a phone call, you may be charged for an unanswered call if you stay on the line more than sixty (60) seconds. Therefore, you should hang up immediately upon hearing a busy signal, or after approximately ten unanswered rings. When you have completed your call, or the party called doesn't answer, or you get a busy signal, hang up for at least five (5) seconds before attempting your next call. Failure to hang up for at least five seconds may cause your previous call to be placed on "hold," and you may be billed for two concurrent calls.

5. If you change your room number, move away, withdraw from the University, are evicted, or decide to discontinue your telephone services, you must cancel your service using our online Order, Change, or Cancel Service form, or complete a Communications Services Deactivation Request (pdf). Failure to do so will result in continued liability for charges billed to your previous address or account. Deactivation requests must be received by Communications Services at least three (3) working days prior to the requested date.

6. Claims for refunds of charges for residential telephone services must be received by UCSB Communications Services within sixty (60) days of the date of the billing summary on which they appeared. Claims should be submitted on a Customer Request for Refund of Charges (pdf).

7. All long distance calls will be completed using the UCSB telephone system's carrier. You agree not to select another company as your primary long distance provider, or to subscribe to a long distance discount program.




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