Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research (ISBER) 805-893-5021 
2201 North Hall  
Director, Stuart T. Smith 805-893-3547 
Director, Research Development, Social Sciences, Barbara Walker 805-893-3576 
Business Officer, Jana Bentley 805-893-2548 
Administrative Assistant, Purchasing, Travel, Angie Wallace 805-893-2838 
Administrative Assistant, Student Payroll, Chiara DiMarco 805-893-5021 
Center Program Assistant, Trea DePrima 805-893-7281 
Computer Desktop & Network Support, Lucas Walker 805-893-5632 
Contract & Grant Administrator (A-K), Shawn Barcelona 805-893-5697 
Contract & Grant / Personnel Supervisor (Student Support Programs / ISBER, Claudia Diaz 805-893-5394 
Contract & Grant Supervisor (L-Z & Centers), Lacy Olivera 805-893-8874 
Contract & Grant Proposal Coordinator, Paula Ryan 805-893-8129 
Personnel & Payroll Coordinator, Kelsey Ibach 805-893-8277 
Fax Number 805-893-7995 
Automated Vital Statistics System (AVSS)  
    2213B North Hall  
    Director, Ronald Williams 805-893-3143 
    Accounts, Trea DePrima 805-893-3394 
    Programmer Analyst, Peter Chen 805-893-3214 
    Programmer Analyst, John Marinko 916-449-5174 
Broom Center for Demography  
    1052 North Hall  
    Director, Maria Charles 805-893-2532 
    Program Assistant, Trea DePrima 805-893-7281 
Center for California Languages and Cultures (CCALC)  
    2215 North Hall  
    Director, Mary Bucholtz  
    Associate Director, Dolores Ines Casillas  
Center for Digital Games Research (CDGR)  
    1019 North Hall  
    Director, Debra Lieberman  
Center for Evolutionary Psychology (CEP)  
    1010 Humanities & Social Sciences Building (HSSB)  
    Co-Director, Leda Cosmides 805-893-8720 
    Co-Director, John Tooby 805-893-8720 
    Assistant Director, Joel Thurston  
    Fax Number 805-893-3885 
Center for Information Technology and Society (CITS)  
    1310 Social Sciences & Media Studies (SSMS)  
    Director, Cynthia Stohl  
    Associate Director, Paul Leonardi  
Center for Middle East Studies (CMES)  
    3073 Humanities & Social Sciences Bldg (HSSB)  
    Director, Adam Sabra  
    Administration, Adam Morrison 805-893-4245 
    Fax Number 805-893-7671 
Center for New Racial Studies (CNRS)  
    1024 North Hall  
    Director, Howard Winant  
    Associate Director, John Park  
East Asia Center (EAC)  
    2232 Humanities & Social Sciences Bldg (HSSB)  
    Director, Sabine Fruhstuck  
    Fax Number 805-893-7671 
Meso-American Research Center  
    1043 North Hall (Lab offices NH 1037 & NH 1041)  
    Director, Anabel Ford 805-893-8191 
    Fax Number 805-893-7995 
Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies  
    2323 Girvetz Hall 805-893-6087 
    Director, Michael Stohl 805-893-7935 
Global Dynamics Initiative  
    2319 Girvetz Hall  
    Director, Michael Curtin  
    Associate Director, Victor Faessel 805-893-4690 

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