Business & Financial Services 805-893-7741 
3201 Student Affairs / Administrative Services Building (SAASB) Reception 805-893-2945 
Director, Jim Corkill 805-893-5882 
Associate Director of Controls, Kimberly Ray 805-893-7667 
Associate Director, Business & Financial Services, Leslie Griffin 805-893-4738 
Business Systems Analyst, Devlin Seymour 805-893-4876 
Accounts Payable Manager, Steve Kriz 805-893-3480 
Associate Director & Material Manager, Jacob Godfrey 805-893-3001 
Banking Services Manager, Credit Card Coordinator, Matt Coy 805-893-3959 
Banking Services Analyst, Ariana Severseike 805-893-3919 
Business Officer, Liz Molina 805-893-8593 
Office Manager, Kim Taylor 805-893-8593 
    Billing - Accounts Receivable Office 805-893-3756 
        1212 Student Affairs / Administrative Services Building (SAASB) 805-893-3756 
        Student Account, Statement Inquiries 805-893-3756 
        Department Billing / Inquiries 805-893-4242 
        Department Billing Inquires, Kelly Ponce 805-893-3728 
        Department Billing Inquiries, Toni Vargas 805-893-4426 
        Department Billing Analyst 805-893-5683 
        Assistant Manager, Belgin Alemdar 805-893-4390 
        Manager, BARC Systems & Operations, Erick McCurdy 805-893-5382 
        Customer Service Supervisor, Kathy Kraus 805-893-2094 
        Fax 805-893-8063 
Cashiers Office 805-893-2177 
    (Hours 9AM - 12pm / 1pm - 4PM)  
    1212 Student Affairs / Administrative Services Building (SAASB)  
    Petty Cash 805-893-2177 
    Manager 805-893-2177 
Contracts & Property  
    Help Desk 805-893-8025 
    Fax 805-893-8639 
Equipment Management  
    Help Desk 805-893-8025 
Extramural Funds  
    Manager, NIH, Tyler Clark 805-893-3068 
    Asst. Mgr, Cash Mgr, Fed. Draws (except NSF), UC Spec,Project, MCAs, DoC, Army, DoD, Pam Cabrera 805-893-8338 
    National Science Foundation, NSF Draws, Dept of Interior, Dept of Energy, Otilia Rodriguez 805-893-2855 
    Sig. Auth, Air Force, State, Navy, EPA, NASA, Other Fed Agencies, TOE's for C&Gs, Gilbert Luna 805-893-3854 
    Effort Reporting, C&G Collections, Local & Other Govt. Agencies, UPAYs for C&Gs, Rudy Moreno 805-893-6127 
    Private Contracts & Grants, Wire Deposits, EMF Cash Received-Undistributed, Jose Raygoza 805-893-2340 
    Private Gifts, Endowments, Shannon Johanson 805-893-4095 
    Award Set-Up (all except Private C&G's), Proj. Contrib. Rpts, Closing Notices, Check Dep., Jessica Fewell 805-893-2855 
    Agency Billing, (all except quarterly invoices & 59xxx funds), Eleanor Elliot 805-893-6127 
    Agency Billing (qtrly & 59xxx funds), Award Set-Up,(Private C&G's), O/D Notices, Heather Schonenbach 805-893-2340 
General Accounting  
    Manager, Butch Phillips 805-893-2998 
    Accounting Supervisor, Russell Remington 805-893-2372 
    Plant Accountant, Lynn Tran 805-893-3258 
    General Ledger Inquiries, Financial Journals, Intercampus Recharges, TOE Transfers Non Contract and Grants 805-893-8913 
Loan Collections Office  
    Toll Free Number 800-283-8272 
    Student Loan Inquiries 805-893-4204 
    Manager, Erick McCurdy 805-893-5382 
    Fax 805-893-3472 
    Manager, Sona Baboolal 805-893-3259 
    Assistant Manager, Lan Nguyen 805-893-4145 
    Administrative Analyst, JoAnn Stark 805-893-2219 
    Payroll Analyst, Geraldine Savary 805-893-3085 
    Payroll Assistant, Lissett Gonzales 805-893-3792 
    Payroll Assistant, Maya Wang 805-893-8513 
    Payroll Assistant, Kim Patterson 805-893-3654 
    PPS On-Line Access 805-893-2880 
    Help Desk 805-893-8025 
Gateway P2P  
    Help Desk 805-893-8025 
    Help Desk 805-893-8025 
    Fax 805-893-8639 
Small Business and Subcontracting Program  
    Help Desk 805-893-8025 
Strategic Sourcing  
    Help Desk 805-893-8025 

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