Graduate Division 805-893-2277 
3117 Cheadle Hall  
Dean, Carol Genetti 805-893-2013 
Associate Dean, Paige Digeser 805-893-2013 
Associate Dean, Bruce Kendall 805-893-2013 
Assistant Dean, Robert Hamm 805-893-2013 
Finance & Administration Manager, Amber Shelor 805-893-3249 
Assistant to the Deans, Jackie Snider 805-893-2013 
Financial/Administrative Assistant, Haley Martin 805-893-5629 
Communications Director, Marge Perko 805-893-4833 
Research Analyst, Joshua Munsch 805-893-4231 
Academic Services  
    Director, Rickie Smith 805-893-5485 
    Assistant Director, Kristina Brown 805-893-8898 
    Associate Director / Academic Counselor, Ryan Sims 805-893-8898 
    Academic Advisor, Janice Gore 805-893-3935 
    Academic Advisor, Ashley Bradbury 805-893-2559 
Admissions & Outreach  
    Director, Walter Boggan 805-893-2322 
    Assistant Director, Admissions, Mallarie Stevens 805-893-2278 
    Assistant Director, Outreach, Briana Munoz-Flores 805-893-2104 
    Director, Diversity, Carlos Nash 805-893-4424 
    Assistant Director, Diversity Initiatives, Michele Johnson 805-893-4424 
Graduate Resource Center/Career Professional Development  
    Director, Graduate Student, Professional Development, Shawn Warner-Garcia 805-893-2671 
    Assistant Director, Professional Development, Kate, Brody-Adams 805-893-4649 
    Graduate Writing Specialist, Roby Nadler 805-893-3177 
Financial Support & Academic Appointments  
    Director, Christopher Dixon 805-893-4653 
    Associate Director, Melanie Hoven 805-893-4652 
    Assistant Director, Fellowships, Kelly Crowell 805-893-2076 
    Fellowships Analyst, Christopher Gifford 805-893-5247 
    Fellowships Analyst, Kaitlin Bier 805-893-2710 
    Academic Appointment Analyst 805-893-4342 
    Financial Systems Analyst, Elizabeth Acebu 805-893-4654 
    Financial Analyst, Sophie Barragon 805-893-8344 
    Financial/Administrative Assistant, Rudy Reyes 805-893-5629 

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