Earth Research Institute 805-893-4885 
6th Floor, Ellison Hall  
Director, Kelly Caylor 805-893-8446 
Associate Director, Susanah Porter 805-893-8954 
Management Services Officer, Kathy Scheidemen 805-893-7615 
C&G Manager, Jessica Ajao 805-893-7350 
Contracts & Grants Analyst, Catherine Szedga 805-893-7350 
Contracts & Grants Analyst, Joelle Dohrman 805-893-7350 
Financial Analyst, Debjani Bhattacharya 805-893-8231 
Personnel Analyst, David Caudillo 805-893-8421 
Personnel Analyst, Jose Ruben Preza 805-893-8421 
Personnel Analyst, Sheri Walker 805-893-8421 
Purchasing Analyst, Jeri O'Mahoney 805-893-4885 
Purchasing Assistant, Rebecca Pratico 805-893-4885 
Travel, Kris Duckett 805-893-4885 
Computer & Network Technologist, Aaron Martin 805-893-8415 
Computer & Network Technologist, Darla Sharp 805-893-8475 
Director of Computing, Michael Colee 805-893-7348 
Fax 805-893-2578 
Center for the Environmental Implications of Technology (CEIN)  
    Associate Director, Arturo Keller 805-893-7548 
    Fax 805-893-3807 
Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration  
    1011 Harder South  
    Director, Katja Seltmann 805-893-2401 
    Ecosystem Director, Lisa Stratton 805-893-4158 
    Education Coordinator, Janet Myers 805-893-2506 
    Greenhouse/Project Manager, Wayne Chapman 805-893-4211 
    Natural Areas Steward, Beau Tindall 805-893-4211 
    Project Manager, Andy Lanes 805-893-4211 
    Project Manager, Ryan Lippitt 805-893-2401 
    Project Manager, Darwin Richardson 805-893-4211 
    Restoration Staff 805-893-4211 
    Collections Manager, Gregory Wahlert 805-893-2401 
    Fax Number 805-893-4222 
Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation UCSB Research Group (UCSBNEES)  
    Principal Investigator, Jamison Stedl 805-893-4905 
    Computer Network Technologist 805-893-8042 
SPOT Imagery, Resource Center for  
    Main Number 805-893-8475 

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