College of Letters & Science  
L&S Undergraduate Education  
    1117 Cheadle Hall  
    Undergraduate Information & Curricular Matters 805-893-2038 
    Appointments with Advisors 805-893-2038 
    Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education, Jeffrey Stopple 805-893-3006 
    Interim Dean, Linda Adler-Kassner 805-893-3006 
    Associate Dean, Xiaojian Zhao 805-893-4513 
    Assistant Dean, Director of Advising, Joe O'Brien 805-893-2716 
    Assistant Dean, Administration, Michelle Keuper 805-893-2807 
    Assistant to the Dean, Cynthia Hinds 805-893-2688 
    Executive Assistant to the Dean, Nick Alward 805-893-2528 
    Financial Analyst, Alex Garcia 805-893-7482 
    Freshman Seminars, Anna Guido 805-893-5258 
    Health Professions, Paula Bautista 805-893-5207 
    Health Professions, Scott Kassner 805-893-3109 
    Honors Program, Rocio Angeles 805-893-6189 
    Honors Program, Scott Kassner 805-893-3109 
    Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities, Jacob LaViolet 805-893-3090 
    UCDC & UC Sacramento, Jacob LaViolet 805-893-3090 
College Office  
    2217 Cheadle Hall  
    Administrative Affairs  
        Information 805-893-2145 
        Executive Dean, Pierre Wiltzius 805-893-5024 
        Assistant Dean, Space Planning & Management, Julie Cunningham 805-893-2406 
        Space Planning Analyst, David Burby 805-893-8870 
        College Administrative Officer, Cathy Pollock 805-893-5289 
        College Financial Coordinator, Brenda Ruiz 805-893-7482 
        Assistant Dean, Barbara Gilkes 805-893-3627 
        Communications Director, Nora Drake 805-893-2206 
        Academic Personnel Analyst, Sendy Dang 805-893-7598 
        Academic Personnel Analyst, Kathy Jenquin 805-893-6138 
    Division of Humanities & Fine Arts  
        Dean, John Majewski 805-893-4327 
        Associate Dean, Lee Rothfarb 805-893-5602 
        Associate Dean, Mary Hancock 805-893-2907 
        Assistant to the Dean, Yaremi Horrigan 805-893-4045 
        Executive Assistant to the Dean, Clea Miller 805-893-2586 
        Academic Personnel Analyst, Claudia Kashin 805-893-4198 
        Assistant Dean, Tracy Adams 805-893-3342 
    Division of Mathematical, Life & Physical Sciences  
        Dean, Pierre Wiltzius 805-893-5024 
        Associate Dean, Josh Schimel  
        Assistant to the Dean, Heather Liu 805-893-4602 
        Executive Assistant to the Dean, Nancy Emerson 805-893-7217 
        Assistant Dean for Space, Ed Blaschke 805-893-7582 
        Academic Personnel Analyst, Shawnee Oren 805-893-8647 
        Buildings Manager, David Davis 805-451-6132 
        Assistant Dean, Dorothy Satomi 805-893-4806 
    Division of Social Sciences  
        Dean, Charles Hale 805-893-8354 
        Assistant to the Dean, Tiffany Ibarra 805-893-2328 
        Associate Dean, Leila Rupp  
        Executive Assistant to the Dean, Lauren Kerr 805-893-8886 
        Academic Personnel Analyst, Robin Logue Rogers 805-893-8268 
        Assistant Dean, Tilly Govender 805-893-2805 
    Information Technology Services (LSIT)  
        LSIT Web  
        LSIT Help Desk Phone 805-893-4357 
        LSIT Help Desk Email  
        LSIT Fax 805-893-5019 
        Executive Director, LSIT, Hector Villicana  
        Collaborate Instructional Technologies  
        Collaborate Support Email  
        Lab Scheduling  
        Student Support Center Phone 805-893-4357 
        Student Support Center Web  
        Campus Office of Software Licensing  
        COSL Phone 805-450-7717 
        COSL Email  

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