Research, Office of  
3227 Cheadle Hall  
Information 805-893-4188 
Vice Chancellor for Research, Joseph Incandela 805-893-8270 
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, TBN 805-893-7149 
Associate Vice Chancellor, Timothy Sherwood 805-893-3222 
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Karen Hanson 805-893-2757 
Information Systems  
    Director, Information Systems, Brett Fortier 805-893-3726 
    Programer / Developer, Cameron Briggs-McNair 805-893-4584 
    Senior Systems Adminstrator, Chris Lauw 805-893-5704 
    ORBIT Help Desk 805-893-3726 
Research Administration  
    Chief Financial Manager / Academic Personnel, Beverly Lutz 805-893-8316 
    Research ORU Analyst, RaphaŽlla Nau 805-893-4180 
    OR Analyst, Jodi Hentschke 805-893-4188 
Research Compliance  
    Director, Research Integrity, Brandt Burgess 805-893-5292 
    Research Integrity Programs Manager, Melodie Blakemore 805-893-4286 
    Research Integrity Specialist / Human Subjects Coordinator, Melissa Warren 805-893-3807 
    Research Integrity Specialist, FCOI, Brian McCurdy 805-893-3787 
    Research Integrity Specialist / Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Coordinator, Sean Mayuga 805-893-5855 
    Research Integrity Specialist / Human Subjects, Dorin Donohoe 805-893-4290 
Research Development  
    Director, Meredith Murr 805-893-3925 
    Director, Social Sciences, Humanities & Fine Arts, Barbara Walker 805-893-3576 
    Associate Director, Social Sciences, Humanities & Fine Arts, Brandon Fastman 805-893-4539 
    Associate Director, Development for Science & Engineering, Andrea Stith 805-893-7345 
    Associate Director, Development for Science & Engineering, Danielle Chandler 805-893-4494 
    Research Development Analyst, Kelly Pillsbury 805-893-8891 
Sponsored Projects  
    Director, Cora Diaz 805-893-4035 
    Associate Director, George Hopwood 805-893-5530 
    Senior Sponsored Projects Officer, Cara Egan-Williams 805-893-8809 
    Senior Sponsored Projects Officer & Federal Policy Advisor, Melissa Waver 805-893-5089 
    Sponsored Projects Officer, Hilda Vasquez 805-893-7360 
    Sponsored Projects Officer, Jamie Sprague 805-893-8503 
    Sponsored Projects Officer / Subcontract Officer, Daniela Gallardo 805-893-7027 
    Sponsored Projects Officer, Jenny Martinez 805-893-4034 
    Sponsored Projects Analyst, Clay Greaney 805-893-5687 
    Sponsored Projects Analyst, John Butzer 805-893-3890 
    Sponsored Project Analyst, Kevin Loza 805-893-3890 
    Sponsored Projects Analyst, Karla Burris 805-893-4763 
    Sponsored Projects Asst, Close-Out, Nan Capelle 805-893-2140 
    Fax Number (Main) 805-893-2611 
Technology & Industry Alliances (TIA)  
    342 Lagoon Road  
    Director, Sherylle Mills Englander 805-893-5180 
    Associate Director, Bernadette McCafferty 805-893-5150 
    Office Manager, Tish Ramos 805-893-5196 
    Licensing Officer, Robert Takara 805-893-5209 
    Marketing Manager, Lauren Dobbs 805-893-2073 
    Associate Director, Industry Contracts, Kevin Stewart 805-893-5197 
    Material Transfer/NDA Officer, Jenna Nakano 805-893-2367 
    Senior Systems Administrator, Chris Lauw 805-893-5704 
    Fax Number 805-893-5236 

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