Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) 805-893-3907 
6046 Humanities & Social Sciences Building (HSSB)  
Information 805-893-3907 
Director, Susan Derwin 805-893-8538 
Associate Director, Erin Nerstad 805-893-3137 
Business Officer, Tahna Hekhuis 805-893-8727 
Administrative Coordinator, Janice Strobach 805-893-3907 
Associate Director of Research Development for the Humanities, Fine Arts, and Education, Brandon Fastman 805-893-4539 
Contracts & Grants Coordinator, Courtney Richardson 805-893-5073 
Department Financial Assistant, Selena Sweeney 805-893-5541 
Program & Events Coordinator, Rachel Levinson-Emley 805-893-2004 
Senior Artist, Irene Ramirez 805-893-4315 
Fax Number 805-893-4336 
Centers and Sub-Units  
    Center for Medieval Studies  
        5056 Humanities & Social Sciences Building (HSSB)  
        Director, Edward D. English 805-893-3167 
    Center for the Study of Work, Labor and Democracy  
        4256 Humanities & Social Sciences Building (HSSB)  
        Director, Nelson Lichtenstein 805-893-4822 
    Chicano / Latino Research Group  
        1720 South Hall  
        Co-Convener, Mario Garcia 805-893-4074 
        Co-Convener, Ellen McCracken 805-893-8341 
    Environmental Humanities Initiative  
        Director, Ken Hiltner 805-564-2304 
    Graduate Center for Literary Research 805-893-3907 
        5220 Phelps Hall  
        Director, Dominique Jullien (French & Italian)  
    Isla Vista Arts  
        6038 Humanities & Social Sciences Building (HSSB)  
        Director, Isla Vista Arts; Coordinator, IV Live and Nuestra Voz, Ellen Anderson 805-893-4809 
        Magic Lantern Films, DJ Palladino 805-893-3907 
Research Focus Groups:  
    African Studies Research Focus Group  
        Co-Covener, Mhose Chikowero (History) 805-893-3907 
    American Indian and Indigenous Peoples Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Ann PLane (History) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Margaret McMurtrey (Anthropology) 805-893-3907 
    Ancient Borderlands Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Elizabeth Digeser (History) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Stuart Tyson Smith (Anthropology) 805-893-3907 
    Architecture and Mind Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Mary Hegarty (Psychological & Brain Services) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Dan Montello (Geography) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Volker M. Welter (History of Art & Architecture) 805-893-3907 
    Identity Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Adrienne Edgar (History) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Cynthia Kaplan (Political Science) 805-893-3907 
    Interdisciplinary and Comparative Taiwanese Studies RGF  
        Co-Covener, Chi-Ting Peng (East Asian Language & Cultural Studies) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Covener, Clio Yun-Chen Lu (History of Art & Architecture) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Covener, Paul Spickard (History) 805-893-3907 
    Health, Medicine and Care Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Adrienne Edgar (History) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Cynthia Kaplan (Political History) 805-893-3907 
    Language, Interaction, and Social Organization Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Geoffrey Raymond (Sociology) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics) 805-893-3907 
        Co_Covener, Melissa Curtin 805-893-3907 
    Machines, People, and Politics Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Patrick McCray (History) 805-893-3907 
    New Sexualities Resarch Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Paul Amar (Global Studies) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Mireille Miller-Young (Feminist Studies) 805-893-3907 
    Reinventing Japan Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Kate McDonald (History) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Kate Saltzman-Li (East Asian Language & Cultural Studies) 805-893-3907 
    Slavery, Captivity and the Meaning of Freedom Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Giulina Perrone 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, James F. Brooks (History, Anthropology) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Jeannine Marie DeLombard (English) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener. Rose Maclean (Classics) 805-893-3907 
    South Asian Religions and Cultures Research Focus Group  
        Co-Convener, Barbara Holdrege (Religious Studies) 805-893-3907 
        Co-Convener, Bhaskar Sarkar (Film & Media Studies) 805-893-3907 

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