Student Life  
Front Desk (2nd Floor, Student Resource Building), Student Directory Information 805-893-4569 
Student Emergencies & Administrative Process Assistance 805-893-4521 
Director, Budget & Administration, Shana Moran-Lanier 805-893-2664 
Financial & Business Operations Analyst, Nancy Santos 805-893-5149 
Financial Administrative Assistant, Jenna Riley 805-893-4182 
Fax Number 805-893-7005 
Dean of Students  
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Debbie Fleming 805-893-4094 
    Assistant to the Dean, Katie Avila 805-893-4568 
    Assistant Dean, Student Life, Suzanne Perkin 805-893-4364 
    Student and Parent Liaison, D'Anna Sandor 805-893-4521 
First-Year and Graduate Student Initiatives  
    Associate Dean, Don Lubach 805-893-8290 
    Assistant Director, Danielle Qui˝ones-Ortega 805-893-4894 
    Coordinator, Veterans & Military Services (Bldg 434), Kevin Hagedom 805-893-4724 
Office of Judicial Affairs  
    Associate Dean of Students & Director, Sandra Vasquez 805-893-3596 
    Associate Director, Cecilia Becerra 805-893-4467 
    Assistant Director & Hate Incident Response Coordinator, Stephanie Yahyavi 805-893-2139 
    Confidential Assistant, Robin Brown 805-893-5016 
Office of Student Life (Campus Organizations, Fraternities & Sororities, Leadership Development)  
    Dean of Student Life, Katya Armistead 805-893-8912 
    Assistant Dean & Director, Miles Ashlock 805-893-3544 
    Assistant Director, Danielle Quinones-Ortega 805-893-4894 
    Assistant Director & Multicultural Greek Advisor, Wendy C§rdova 805-893-4891 
    Assistant Director & Panhellenic Advisor, Sophie Wilson 805-893-4590 
    Assistant Director & IFC Advisor, Jonathan NG 805-893-2030 
    Isla Vista Liaison & Senior Campus Orgs Advisor, Viviana Marsano 805-893-4737 
    Student Life Resource Center (Student Life Interns) 805-893-8463 
    Campus Organizations Accountant, Coleen Sears 805-893-4555 
    Campus Events Scheduler, Grace Lapinid 805-893-4491 
Student Mental Health Coordination Services (Distressed Student Response)  
    Consultation Line 805-893-3030 
    Associate Dean, Wellness Services, Angela Andrade 805-893-8920 
    Assistant to the Dean, Katie Avila 805-893-4568 
    Acting Director 805-893-2784 
    Associate Director 805-893-7318 
    Coordinator, Samantha Smart 805-893-4121 
    Assistant Coordinator 805-893-5682 

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