Enterprise Technology Services 805-893-2261 
4101 Student Affairs / Administrative Services Building (SAASB)  
Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO, Matthew Hall 805-893-8989 
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Sam Horowitz 805-893-5005 
Fax 805-893-8844 
Web http://www.ets.ucsb.edu  
    Application & Technology Services Manager, Manny Cintron 805-893-3572 
    Business Operations & Planning Director, Elise Meyer 805-893-5050 
    Infrastructure Director, Kirk Grier 805-893-7960 
    Network & Communications Services Acting Director, Kevin Schmidt 805-893-7779 
    Software Engineering Architecture & Lifecycle (SEAL) Director, Yaheya Quazi 805-893-5705 
ETS Support and Service Contacts  
    Enterprise Service Desk 805-893-5000 
    Network & Communications Services' Service / Repair Support 805-893-8700  
    Electronic Timekeeping Support http://etsc.ucsb.edu  
    Campus Network Operations Center (status line) 805-893-2800  
    North Hall Data Center Operations 805-893-2995 
    Identity Service Support 805-893-5000 
    Interim Network & Communications Services Customer Relations Manager 805-893-7798 
    Cellular Service Manager - Aquisitions Analyst, Tammy Marquez 805-893-5718 
    Director, Kirk Grier 805-893-7960 
    Collaboration and Identity Operations  
        Identity & Collaboration Architect, Shea Lovan 805-893-5533 
    Computer Center & Visualization Services  
        Associate Director, Chris Sneathen 805-893-5052 
        Supercomputing Consultant, Burak Himmetoglu 805-893-8287 
Network & Communications Services  
    Acting Director, Kevin Schmidt 805-893-7779 
    Communications Services 805-893-8700 
        Public Safety Building  
        Campus Telephone Operator, Chris Foster 805-893-8000 
        Communications Infrastrucure Manager, Bill Neuner 805-893-5029 
        Installation & Repair Supervisor, Jim Campbell 805-893-5577 
        Faxes 805-893-7272
        Web http://www.commserv.ucsb.edu  
    Data Network  
        2124 North Hall  
        Network Security Coordinator, Todd Atkins 805-893-5077 
Software Engineering Architecture & Lifecycle Director  
    Director, Yaheya Quazi 805-893-5705 
    Business Systems  
        Business Systems Manager, Antonio Bummer 805-893-4992 
    Data Warehouse  
        Data Warehouse Manager, Mary Wenzel 805-893-8882 
        Gus Manager, Kevin Wu kevin.wu@ucsb.edu  

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