Environmental Health & Safety  
Building 565  
Technical Assistance Line (& after hours urgent line) 805-893-3194 
Director, John Sterritt 805-893-2040 
Business Officer 805-893-2323 
Financial Assistant, Gayle Entz 805-893-7757 
Administrative Assistant, Robin Weil 805-893-4447 
Fax Number 805-893-8659 
Web http://www.ehs.ucsb.edu  
Business Continuity & Emergency Planning  
    Emergency Manager, Jim Caesar 805-450-1437 
    Business Continuity Specialist, Amy Shadkamyan-Talamantes 805-448-2189 
Campus Hazardous Waste Program  
    Hazardous Materials Pick-Up Requests 805-893-7705 
    Manager, Bruce Carter 805-893-3293 
Community Household Hazardous Waste  
    Information Line (Mon-Fri), SB County 805-882-3602 
    Community Hazardous Waste (Fri-Mon) 805-893-7250 
    Web http://www.LessIsMore.org  
Environmental Health/Bio Safety  
    Manager, Ali Aghayan 805-893-8533 
    Environmental Health Specialist, Shannon Hinrichs 805-893-2471 
    Environmental Compliance Specialist, Jodi Switzer 805-893-7014 
    Bio Safety Officer, Jamie Bishop 805-893-8894 
Fire and Life Safety  
    Campus Fire Marshal, Joe Harkins 805-893-7751 
    Deputy Fire Marshal, Plan Review & Construction, Jim White 805-893-5848 
Lab Safety, Industrial Hygiene & Diving/Boat Safety  
    Manager, Dave Vandenberg 805-893-4899 
    Dive & Boat Safety Officer, Eric Hessell 805-893-4559 
    Industrial Hygiene Manager, Jesse Bickley 805-893-8787 
    Industrial Hygiene Specialist, Nicholas Nieberding 805-893-3743 
    Lab Safety & Hazardous Materials Specialist, Hector Acuna 805-893-8243 
    Lab Safety Specialist, Chandra Feeser 805-893-3264 
    Lab Safety Specialist, Nelly Traitcheva 805-893-5129 
Radiation & Laser Safety  
    Radiation Safety Officer, Jim Casto 805-893-3588 
    Health Physicist, Robert Brown 805-893-7255 
    Health Physicist, Derek Iverson 805-893-7256 
Risk Management and Insurance  
    Risk Manager, Mari Tyrrell-Simpson 805-893-4169 
    Risk & Insurance Administrator, Lee Mudrick 805-893-2860 
    Risk Analyst, Ron Betancourt 805-893-5837 
    Claims Assistant, Valerie Davis 805-893-4440 
    To Report Auto Accidents, GL, or Property Damage Claims 800-416-4029 
Workers' Compensation, General Safety, Injury Prevention & Ergonomics  
    Manager, Mari Tyrrell-Simpson 805-893-4169 
    WC Coordinator, Monica Costanzo 805-893-3145 
    WC Analyst, Jill Levy 805-893-2029 
    To Report Workers' Compensation Claims 877-682-7778 
    Fax 805-893-8521 
    General Safety Specialist/Injury Prevention Supervisor, John Seaman 805-893-5288 
    Injury Prevention Specialist, Enrique Alvarado 805-893-5407 
    Injury Prevention Specialist, Jessica Callander 805-893-5532 
    Injury Prevention Specialist, Eric Durak 805-893-5297 
    Ergonomic Coordinator, Julie McAbee 805-893-3283 

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