Intercollegiate Athletics 805-893-8272 
2207 Intercollegiate Athletics Building (ICA)  
General Fax Number 805-893-8640 
Athletics Website  
Director of Athletics, John McCutcheon 805-893-8320 
Assistant to the Director, Hazel Ando 805-893-8320 
Deputy Athletic Director for Internal Affairs / SWA + Chief of Staff, Kelly Barsky 805-893-2247 
Deputy Athletic Director for External Affairs + Strategic Planning, Tom Hastings 805-893-6019 
Senior Associate Athletics Director, Development, Andy Fee 805-893-4960 
Associate Athletic Director, Developement, Matt English 805-893-4537 
Assistant Athletics Director, Events/Facilities, Bob Brontsema 805-893-4438 
Assistant Athletic Director for Annual Fund, Marketing + External Affairs , Christina Baglas 805-893-5372 
Stewardship & Events Manager, Mia Weber 805-893-4785 
Operations Assistant, Evan Stein 805-893-5956 
Assistant Athletics Director, Student Services, David Campbell 805-893-2100 
Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance and Eligibility, Sean Strauch 805-893-8219 
Compliance Coordinator, Lisa Helth 805-893-7236 
Assistant Athletics Director, Athletics Communications, Bill Mahoney 805-893-3428 
Associate Communications Director, Andrew Wagner 805-893-8603 
Associate Communications Director, Mitchell Clements 805-893-8603 
Business Manager, Renee McLean 805-893-2517 
Assistant Business Manager, Karen Dietz 805-893-8021 
Athletics Ticket Office 805-893-3292 
Director, Ticket Operations, Bryan Cornet 805-893-3291 
Marketing Director, Rich Loza 805-893-8380 
Marketing/Promotions 805-893-4629 
Coordinator of Team Services, Vince Alvarez 805-893-4011 
Facilities Scheduling, Celia Elliott 805-893-2183 
Assistant Athletics Director-Sports Medicine, Leroy Heu 805-893-7092 
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Bob Annable & Katie Susskind 805-893-3424 
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Andrew Shibata, Kelly Walsh, Lauren Piccinini 805-893-3424 
Director of Sports Performance, Eric Schmitt 805-893-7859 
Sports Performance Specialists, Erin Brocka, Michelle Royals 805-893-7859 
    Baseball, Coach, Andrew Checkletts 805-893-3690 
    Assistant Coach, Eddie Cornejo 805-893-2021 
    Assistant Coach, Neil Walton 805-893-2021 
    Men's Head Coach, Bob Williams 805-893-2141 
    Men's Assistant Coach, Matt Stock 805-893-3435 
    Men's Assistant Coach, Kevin Bromley 805-893-3403 
    Men's Assistant Coach, Ryan Madry 805-893-2141 
    Men's Director of Operations, Brandon Veltri 805-893-3415 
    Women's Head Coach, Bonnie Henrickson 805-893-7211 
    Women's Assistant Coach, Nathan Fripp 805-893-3370 
    Women's Assistant Coach, Mia Fisher 805-893-7856 
    Women's Assistant Coach, Evan Unrau 805-893-2265 
    Women's Basketball, Director of Operations, Ashlee Klingenberg 805-893-5360 
Cross Country, Track & Field  
    Director & Men's/Women's Head Coach, Pete Dolan 805-893-8276 
    Associate Director & Coach, Cody Fleming 805-893-4421 
    Assistant Coach, Travis Anderson 805-893-3746 
    Assistant Coach, Darius Terry 805-893-4421 
    Head Coach, Steve Lass 805-893-4587 
    Men's Head Coach, Tim Vom Steeg 805-893-3473 
    Assistant Coach, Greg Wilson 805-893-6044 
    Assistant Coach, Greg Curry 805-893-6044 
    Women's Head Coach, Paul Stumpf 805-893-2715 
    Assistant Coach, Austin Risenhoover 805-893-5702 
    Head Coach, Brie Galicinao 805-893-3335 
    Assistant Coach, Julia Tamai 805-893-7760 
    Men & Women's Head Coach, Matt Marcedo 805-893-2989 
    Assistant Coach, Ellie Monobe, Joe Plume 805-893-2989 
    Men's Head Coach, Marty Davis 805-893-3954 
    Men's Assistant Coach, Blake Muller 805-893-5974 
    Women's Head Coach, Simon Thibodeau 805-893-3747 
    Women's Assistant Coach, Fernanda Alva 805-893-5974 
    Men's Head Coach, Rick McLaughlin 805-893-2200 
    Assistant Coach, Cullen Irons, Vince Devany 805-893-2310 
    Women's Head Coach, Nicole Welch 805-893-4881 
    Assistant Coach, Kolby O'Donnell, Chad Gatzlaff 805-893-2241 
Water Polo  
    Men's Head Coach, Wolf Wigo 805-893-3704 
    Assistant Coach, Ryan McMillen 805-893-5188 
    Women's Head Coach, Serela Kay 805-893-5188 
    Assistant Coach, Sierra Peltcher  

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