Bren School of Environmental Science & Management 805-893-7611 
2400 Bren Hall  
    Dean, Steve Gaines 805-893-7363 
    Assistant to the Dean & Academic Personnel Coordinator, Doris Bleecher 805-893-7363 
    Resource Coordinator, Dee White 805-893-8452 
Academic & Student Affairs  
    Assistant Dean, Academic Programs, Satie Airame 805-893-3387 
    Academic Programs Coordinator, Group Project Coordinator, Casey Hankey 805-893-6115 
    Director of Admissions and Outreach, Kristen Robinson 805-893-4886 
    Student Affairs Coordinator, Kristine Faloon 805-893-7611 
    Academic Programs Assistant, Kimberly Yom 805-893-6115 
Career Development and Alumni Relations  
    Director, David Parker 805-893-5938 
    Associate Director, Kristi Birney 805-893-2743 
    Coordinator, Monica Illes 805-893-2928 
    Assistant, Rebecca Webb 805-893-2928 
Computing Services  
    Director of Information Technology, Steve Miley 805-893-7794 
    Manager of Desktop Computing, Brad Hill 805-893-7794 
    Help Desk Manager, Geoff Jewel 805-893-7794 
    Assistant Dean, Development, Lotus Vermeer 805-893-4589 
    Director of Developement, Beth Pitton-August 805-893-5047 
    Development Assistant, Patti Winans 805-893-4589 
    Development Coordinator, Kaia Joye Moyer 805-893-5596 
    Senior Events Manager, Kim Ritchey 805-746-4974 
    Building Manager, Development Engineer, Sage Davis 805-448-0028 
Finance and Operations  
    Business Officer, Kim Fugate 805-893-3540 
    Finance Manager, Amanda Maffett 805-893-7457 
    Payroll / Personnel / Travel, Frank Soares 805-893-6114 
    Purchasing & Entertainment, Briny Litchfield 805-893-6114 
    Communications / Media Liaison, James Badham 805-893-5049 
Special Programs  
    Program Manager, Eco-Entrepreneurship, Emily Cotter 805-893-4583 
    Operations Coordinator, Sustainable Fisheries, Latin American Fisheries, Laura Lea Rubino 805-893-7443 
    Program Manager, Enviromental Communication, Lisa Leombruni 805-893-7427 
    Program Manager, Latin America Fisheries Fellowship, Jacy Brunkow 805-893-5589 
    Program Manager, Sustainable Water Markets Fellowship, Lili Prahl 805-893-5589 
Fax Number 805-893-7612 

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