South Hall Administrative Support Center 805-893-7488 
Suite 3400 South Hall  
    Director, David Holmes 805-893-3237 
    Student Services (Undergraduate and Graduate Advising) 805-893-7488 
        3432 South Hall  
        Student Services Manager, Martin Stokes 805-893-2708 
        Instructional Program Assistant, Carmen Mares 805-893-7488 
        Undergraduate Advisor (Linguistics, Philosophy), Karen Barteld 805-893-3776 
        Undergraduate Advisor (Writing), Demitra Good 805-893-2613 
        Undergraduate Advisor (English), Brian Ernst 805-893-4710 
        Graduate Advisor (Linguistics, Philosophy), Alicia Baker 805-893-7490 
        Graduate Advisor (English, Writing), Mary Rae Staton 805-893-2639 
        Fax Number 805-893-7491 
    Academic Services (Academic Personnel, Financial and EMS Program) 805-893-7489 
        3431 South Hall  
        Financial & Academic Services Manager, Mayra Magana 805-893-3864 
        English for Multilingual Students (EMS) Business Officer/SASC Analyst, Josie Patterson 805-893-7258 
        Instructional Program Assistant, Meg Wilson 805-893-7489 
        Academic Personnel Coordinator (English, Writing Program), Andrea Ellickson 805-893-3479 
        Academic Personnel Coordinator (Linguistics, Philosophy) 805-893-7151 
        Financial & Budget Coordinator (English), Brenda Ruiz 805-893-7826 
        Financial & Budget Coordinator (Philosophy, Linguistics, Writing Program), Cecilia Schneider 805-893-3475 
        Fax Number 805-893-7491 
    Finance and Academic Personnel Manager, Mayra Magana 805-893-3864 
    Student Services Manager, Martin Stokes 805-893-2708 

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