California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) 805-893-7510 
Elings Hall  
Director, Craig Hawker 805-893-7161 
Assistant Director, Holly Woo 805-893-4130 
Executive Director for Technology, Tal Margalith 805-893-6045 
Information Technology Director, Paul Weakliem 805-893-4205 
Financial Manager, Eva Deloa 805-893-8159 
Contracts & Grants Analyst, Jessica Ajao 805-893-7511 
Staff Personnel and Room Reservations 805-893-7510 
Academic Personnel, Sonya Perez 805-893-2696 
Purchasing Coordinator, Daniel Daniels 805-893-8012 
Financial Assistant, Lynne Leininger 805-893-6145 
Financial Analyst, Teddy Thomas 805-893-6095 
Administrative Analyst, Marissa Guillen 805-893-3573 
Assistant to Alan Heeger, Susan Kang 805-893-2001 
Building Manager, Bob Hanson 805-893-4631 
Biological Nanostructures Lab Manager, Jen Smith 805-893-6068 
Acting Cleanroom Manager, Lee Sawyer 805-893-2296 
Microfluidics Lab Manager, Dave Bothman 805-893-6068 
Fax Number 805-893-6132 
Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (CSEP)  
    Director, M. Ofelia Aguirre 805-893-7472 
    Associate Director, Wendy Ibsen 805-893-8527 
    Professional Development Programs Manager, Arica Lubin 805-893-3360 
    Evaluation Program Manager, Lubi Lenaburg 805-893-8544 
    Community College Programs Coordinator 805-893-2437 
    Administrative Coordinator, Sana'a Rupert 805-893-8527 
Center for Scientific Computing (CSC)  
    Co-Director, Frank Brown 805-893-5494 
    Co-Director, Paul Weakliem 805-893-4205 
AlloSphere Research Facility 805-893-3010 
    Director, JoAnn Kuchera-Morin 805-893-3010 

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