Admissions 805-893-2881 
    Director, Lisa Przekop 805-893-3641 
    Assistant to the Director, Rosalie Jaimes 805-893-3641 
    Web http//  
Application Services  
    General Information, Applicants 805-893-2881 
    Associate Director, Donna Coyne 805-893-8551 
    Assistant Director, Evaluation, Roberto Rocha 805-893-3343 
    Assistant Director, Evaluation, Alma Villa 805-893-7479 
    Business Systems Analyst, Julia Orr 805-893-3364 
    Operations Manager, TK Erickson 805-893-3426 
    Fax Number 805-893-2676 
School Services  
    Associate Director, Cuca Acosta 805-893-2307 
    Assistant Director, High School Services, Courtney Good 805-893-7285 
    Assistant Director, Transfer Services, Melissa Chavez 805-893-2599 
    Fax Number 805-893-8779 
Visitor Center  
    1102 Student Affairs / Admin Services Bldg (SAASB)  
    General Information 805-893-2487 
    Assistant Director, Jayne Reimel 805-893-2475 
    Fax Number 805-893-8610 
Enrollment Services Administrative Unit  
    Director, Budget & Administration, Briana Villasenor 805-893-2987 
    Financial & Operations Manager, Boris Palencia 805-893-2329 
    Payroll Assistant, Kristina Hansen 805-893-2978 
    Financial Assistant, Sylvia Vargas 805-893-3031 
Graduate Admissions 805-893-2277 
    (See Graduate Division 
Readmission 805-893-8905 
    (See Registrar, Office of the 

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